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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Top 10: Bands

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So, I've decided to periodically do lists of Top 10 *insert subject here.*

I think starting off with my top 10 bands, (Currently. By 'currently,' I mean today. A lot of them change weekly.), a short description, (or a long description, if I so wish), and my list of what I think are their three best songs is a fantastic place to start. Y'know, since all I really do anymore is sit around all day and listen to music anyway. It's perfect.

(Also, the song format will go "Song  Title" // "Ablum Name.")
(One last note, the song listed last in a set is my favorite.)


  • The Arctic Monkeys are definitely one of my absolute favorite indie rock bands. And let's talk about just how attractive Alex Turner is. On a scale of 1-10, he's probably a 27. My favorite album of theirs is Humbug, which was released back in 2009.
    • Love Is A Laserquest // Suck It And See.
    • R U Mine? // AM.
    • Dangerous Animals // Humbug.


  • So, Faber Drive is a pop punk band. Pop punk is life. That's all I've got to say. Also, all my favorite Faber Drive songs are all on the same album, so it's pretty safe to say that that is by far their best work.
    • Tongue Tied // Seven Second Surgery.
    • Sleepless Nights (Never Let Her Go) // Seven Second Surgery.
    • When I'm With You // Seven Second Surgery.


  • Rise Against is a punk rock band. Punk rock is also life. This is my go-to band when I'm feeling an odd mixture of angry and melancholy. I haven't heard a single song by them that I'm not absolutely in love with.
    • Savior // Appeal To Reason.
    • A Gentleman's Coup // Endgame.
    • Tragedy + Time // The Black Market.


  • The Neon Trees are freaking awesome. It's even better that they're from Utah because, hey, I'M from Utah. It makes me so happy. Rock band. Phenomenal. Rad hairstlyes. No need for anymore explanations.
    • Lessons In Love (All Day, All Night) // Picture Show.
    • Teenager In Love // Pop Psychology.
    • First Things First // Pop Psychology.


  • Bastille is indie rock/pop, and they are absolutely glorious. Bastille should be proud that I dubbed their Bad Blood album as the best album that came out in 2013. That's a really big accomplishment in the world of Allie. Dan Smith's hair is definitely one of my favorite things in this world, as well as his face, and voice. He's just fantastic.
    • Flaws // Bad Blood.
    • Durban Skies // All This Bad Blood.
    • Sleepsong // All This Bad Blood.


  • The Classic Crime is an alternative rock band and I love them. So much. Like, let's talk about the time that I stayed up until 2 AM for the debut of their music video for "The Precipice" and actually happened to be the very first view on that. I'm still quite proud of that.
    • Beautiful Darkside // Phoenix.
    • The Coldest Heart // Albatross.
    • Painted Dreams // Phoenix.


  • Hey, punk rock again. They're the best punk rock band EVER. Not even joking. Billie Joe's long black hair is also his best look. I still really need to see American Idiot: The Musical. I really do. Somebody take me, yeah?
    • Basket Case // Dookie.
    • Holiday/Boulevard of Broken Dreams // American Idiot 
    • 21 Guns // 21st Century Breakdown.


  • Pop punk/alternative rock. Perfect combination. Never mind the fact that I have to listen to at least one P!ATD song a day for that day to be complete. Brendon Urie is probably one of the hottest, coolest guys that has ever graced the earth with his presence. 
    • The Ballad of Mona Lisa // Vices & Virtues.
    • Collar Full // Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die!
    • Ready To Go [Get Me Out Of My Mind] // Vices & Virtues.


  • Pop rock. Ryan Tedder's voice is to die for. First thing's first, (Hey, look. A Neon Trees reference. Fancy.) I'm still grateful until time ends to Mishea for letting me go to the OneRepublic concert back in June because that was basically one of the best things of my life. They put on an AMAZING concert. I still get emotional over it. (Oh, pet peeve. Everyone types it out One Republic, when it is OneRepublic with NO SPACE BETWEEN ONE AND REPUBLIC, OKAY?!) My favorite band t-shirt is my OneRepublic t-shirt.
    • Ordinary Human // Ordinary Human.
    • If I Lose Myself // Native.
    • Come Home // Dreaming Out Loud.


  • Everything about Fun. is just absolutely phenomenal. They're an indie pop band. Nate Ruess, (Utter perfection. I hope somewhere in an alternate universe that I am married to him, because the would make me the happiest person that's ever been alive.), Jack Antonoff, and Andrew Dost. All of them are just so great. Listen to them. Also, my pride and joy clothing are my "Some Nights" varsity jacket and my Fun. moon walk crewneck. 
    • Why Am I The One // Some Nights.
    • Stars // Some Nights.
    • The Gambler // Aim and Ignite.

One more thing about Fun. 
It is glorious and it makes me want to cry tears of joy and run my fingers through it.
(Simultaneously. Although Nate would be thoroughly creeped out if some random girl was crying while running her fingers through his hair.
So, I might not actually want to do that.)

Quickly, let's get one little thing clear. My all-time favorite band is The Beatles and everyone should know that by now which is why they are not on this list. They're absolute perfection, as well as the fact that John Lennon is my role model. That is all for that mini clarification.

So, there's my list of top 10 bands for you. 
I'd recommend listening to the songs if you really feel like it. It's worth it. I promise.

Stay rad, my friends.

Monday, July 28, 2014

A Gibbs Slap A Day Keeps The Stupid Away

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Hey there, homies.

(I don't know why I'm using the word 'homie' because I don't think you could get any less gangster than me.)


If you've ever seen NCIS, which I recommend you do because that show is flawless, you know exactly what I'm talking about here.

But, what brings this up is that our kitten, Bucky, has started to become very adept at slapping me in the back of the head as if he's a feline version of Leroy Jethro Gibbs. (Which is actually a bit of a scary thought because now I'm preparing myself for having him show up silently and stare at me if I'm ever complaining about him. I hope it doesn't get to the point where I start acting like DiNozzo. I'll stick to my almost McGee-esque personality.) He'll jump up on the back of the couch when I'm not looking, walk behind my head, and whap, there you go, I have been Gibbs slapped. Again.

Bucky: 26.
Allie: Maybe 1 and 3/4.

Dang flammit, now I'm in the mood to watch an unhealthy amount of NCIS reruns.

I also just realized I never told you how we came about getting Bucky. 

So, on the 17th and 18th of July, our dogs would not shut up. At all. They barked ALL THE TIME. The worst was the night barking. UGH. IT WAS HORRIBLE. They bark all the time anyway, but this was about 110% more annoying than usual. We couldn't figure out what they were barking at if our lives revolved around it. As time passed, my dad started hearing a cat meowing, but he had no clue where it was, except he figured it was coming from my neighbor's yard. On Saturday, my dad and my neighbor, named Bill, (Bill is my favorite neighbor, in case you were curious. I bet you were.) went on a quest to find said meowing cat. What they found was an adorable little kitten that had been trapped in a window well, the poor thing. My dad brought him inside and my mom helped feed him and got him some water. I woke up that morning (at like 11) to a bunch of meowing and I was laying there thinking, "Huh. That doesn't sound like Cyprian. Let's go check it out." Lo and behold, I laid eyes on basically the cutest kitten I had ever seen in my life and promptly decided to cuddle with it and get attached to it, even though I was under the impression that we weren't going to keep the little one. Dad also told me not to name him, but what did I do? Yep. I named him. I spent the majority of the day napping with who I'm now dubbing Tiny Satan for reasons yet to be explained. Sunday rolled around, and my father came to the decision that we were keeping Bucky. (I guess my never-ending puppy dog eyes probably helped.)

Okay, so, Bucky is being dubbed Tiny Satan due to the fact that he has now gotten his strength and energy back and he's freakin' WILD. He will literally climb up my leg, on my bare skin. Let me tell you how great that doesn't feel. He goes into what I like to call Spider-man mode and scales the couch to attack whichever part of my body even slightly twitches. I have battle wounds, guys. Arms, legs, face. EVERYWHERE. I'll be watching X-Files or Merlin or something, y'know, just doing my own thing, and then I have to say hello to Bucky attacking my dang face. Also, he's already mimicking my rebellious teenager stage and won't listen to me when I yell, "BUCKY XENOPHILIUS (zee-no-phil-ee-us) WOOD, GET OFF/OUT OF THERE," which means I have to get up from whatever comfortable position I happen to be in and go deal with Tiny Satan, in case you were wondering how any semblance of training is going for me.

Bucky also happens to be one of the least graceful cats I have ever met. It is the cutest/funniest thing on this planet. I'm telling you, my family and I haven't laughed as hard as we have lately than we have in the last little while. He does funny things lie jump really high and let his back legs splay out and it makes for the most awkward landings you've probably seen a cat do. You're missing out if you haven't seen it. Just sayin'. My favorite is when he runs head first into anything in his way when he's playing with a toy. It's classic.

On my closing note, here is a picture I captured of Bucky mid-butt wiggle, ready to attack. *crescendo of the chorus of Wiggle by Jason Derulo* 

Cute, isn't he?

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Save Me From The 6th Avenue Heartache, San Francisco.

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Hola, mi amigos.

What's better than a free concert that has The Wallflowers and Train?
The answer is:
Except maybe a night of watching X-Files while cuddling (preferably with another human being, but a cat works, as well) and eating quality ice cream while wrapped up in a blanket fresh from the dryer. BUT IT'S UP THERE.

Soooo, big shout out to Zion's Bank for making a free concert happen. I don't use their services, but, hey, I LOVE THEM NOW. THEY'RE THE REAL MVP.

Actually, the real MVP is my mother because she took the time to take me to the concert and hang out with me all afternoon, which is probably reason number 'infinity' that I love her.

See, we are adorable. Look at us.

By the way, the title of this post is a somewhat fun use of a Wallflowers song (6th Avenue Heartache) and a Train song (Save Me, San Francisco), so there. I don't know, I like to think I'm clever sometimes. (Okay, actually, I totally like to think that ALL the time.) If you haven't heard those songs, you're missing out. And by saying "you're missing out," I mean go listen to them. Right now. Just open up a new tab and YouTube away to your heart's content. In case you were curious, 6th Avenue Heartache is my favorite Wallflower song and they sang it tonight, and I totally could have died right then and there, but I continued on and got to hear Train sing Save Me, San Francisco as well as Bulletproof Picasso from their album that's coming out in September. Let me tell you how AMAZING that song is. It was even better because no one knew the words so it was strictly him singing and I am in love.

Here is one of the better pictures I got of The Wallflowers. 

Not much, but hey, I'm really digging Jakob Dylan's hat and I want it.

Can we talk about how much will power it takes to be standing up for a concert that lasts from roughly 8 o' clock to 11 o' clock? Because it does and my feet hurt as a reminder of that. Another point I want to make is how creepy City Creek actually is after 11:00 when no one is walking around in there.

Side note, it was totally weird being back down by the Energy Solutions Arena, because last time I was there, I was inside it graduating from high school. That was pretty rad, if I do say so myself. It's just odd thinking about how fast this summer's gone by and how soon I have to put myself into gear, pull myself up by my bootstraps, and grow up. (24 days until boot camp. Can you tell I'm panicking yet? No? Well, I am. Thought you should know.)

Using the word "bootstraps" reminded me to dive into the depths of my picture download folder to find this utterly fantastic gem of a comic:

Funny, huh?
I have a comic for just about every situation, just warning you guys.

Mini shout out to the guy in front of me for part of the concert that had a funky pigeon dance thing going on that made me fall semi-in-like with him until I realized he was married with a kid. Oops. You go, attractive dancing man. Don't ever let anyone tell you not to dance, my friend, because frankly, it is super fantastic.

And what's a good concert without a late night, tired selfie with my new band t-shirt?

And, yes, me and Cinderella, we put it all together, and we can drive it home with one headlight. ♪

My favorite comment of the night was from some random guy we were sitting near before the concert started who was talking to another random man. "This concert starts at eight, and then it's gonna go ALLLL night. Until ten." Apparently, two hours constitutes as all night, and it was adorable to listen to.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hello There.

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Hello again.

I'm Allie. Or Alex. Or Alligator. Or Maverick.
Or even Kung Fu Panda if you happen to be my old flight sim instructor.
Just basically whatever the heck you want to call me.

So, I guess I'm supposed to start this blog off with a few things about me, correct? Well, here goes, then.

  • I happen to be an aficionado of Supernatural, Harry Potter, Stephen King, HIMYM, anything Avengers related, the X-Files, an extreme amount of bands, and anything aviation related. Trust me, you'll find all of this out soon enough.
  • I am currently preparing to leave for boot camp for the wonderful branch of the United States military called the Navy. August 19th is when I leave and I'm currently freaking out, but shhh, the part about me freaking out is a secret. After boot camp, which is in Great Lakes, Illinois, I will be moving to Pensacola, Florida, for my training as an aviation technician. I so cannot wait for that weather. Maybe I'll actually get tan for once in my life.
  • I'm totally planning on getting my private pilot's license sometime in the next couple of years, because flying is definitely a passion.
  • I paint. A lot. I'm not necessarily great at it, but I love it, so I shall continue to paint. Forever. For-ev-errr. (Sandlot reference, yes.)
  • I'm quite the animal lover. I have two dogs, two cats, and plenty of fish. And, here is a way too long and way too detailed explanation of all of my pets for your (hopeful) enjoyment.
    •  Dogs:
      • // Scootles + H.H. //
      • Bichon Frises.
      • Extremely cute but also extremely annoying.
      • Scootles' name doesn't really have a meaning. It's just cute.
      • H.H. has plenty of meanings ranging anywhere from Harold Hecuba to H.H. Holmes to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Yes, this means that our dog is officially named after Voldemort.
    • Cats:
      • // Cyprian + Bucky //
      • Cyprian is a flame-point Siamese.
      • Bucky is a Russian Blue mixed with a tabby. (We think. We're not 100% positive on that.)
      • Cyprian is a big ol' grump bucket, whereas Bucky is a fluffy, extremely vocal ball of energy. (That means Cyprian is old and Bucky is a wee little kitten.)
      • Cyprian is just an awesome name, no explanation needed there. It's pronounced Kip-ree-in, if that helps.
      • Bucky is named after James Buchanan Barnes out of the Captain America story, because Steve Rogers is the love of my life, so why not name a cat after his best friend? My parents aren't necessarily thrilled with that name choice, but c'est la vie, right?
    • Fish:
      • // Sam + Dean //
        • Clown Loaches.
        • Obviously named after SPN characters.
      • // Castiel + Crowley //
        • Ghost catfish.
        • Also obviously named after SPN characters.
      • // Garth //
        • Plecostomus.
        • Still named after an SPN character, because my life revolves around that show, if you couldn't already tell.
      • // Bobby //
        • Dennison Barb.
        • Guess what show's character he's named after. Just guess. I bet you you're right. (Did you guess SPN? Well, then, you're correct. Just like I said you'd be.)
        • Bobby the Barb. Fantastic alliteration, and also a good name for one of those old-timey rulers, like Alexander the Great or something.
      • // The Others //
        • Basically, I am too lazy to name the rest of the fish. They are also all skirt tetras, so they're too identical to try and distinguish.
        • So, let's just say I named them after "The Others" in Game of Thrones to pretend that I'm actually clever. Okay? Okay. (No, that was not a TFIOS reference.)
  • Still speaking of animals, my favorite animal is the majestic tiger. They are perfection and if you don't think they are, you're wrong.
  • I reference movies, television shows, and music about every five minutes. It's fantastic. Truly.
  • The sports teams I am a fan of consist of the following: (Yes, I do have more than one team I am a fan of for most sports that I follow, but the most important ones will be listed first.)
    • NBA:
      • Los Angeles Lakers
    • NCAA: (Mainly football.)
      • Oklahoma Sooners
      • Utah Utes
    • NFL:
      • New England Patriots
      • New York Giants
    • MLB:
      • Chicago Cubs
      • Toronto Blue Jays (Hey, Canada needs a little love. And Jose Bautista follows me on twitter, too, and he's pretty cool, eh?)
    • NHL:
      • Colorado Avalanche
    • MLS:
      • REAL Salt Lake
  • I attempt to play the guitar and the ukulele. Yes, attempt. I am not good at all, but practicing might be a good idea. Someone, somewhere, may need my mediocre music skills someday.
  • I play Pokemon a lot more than you'd expect an eighteen year old girl to.
  • I'm Native American. I think that's pretty fantastic.
  • No force in this endless, vast sea we call the universe could ever get me to care about the Kardashian family, Duck Dynasty, or Honey Boo Boo. I prefer keeping most of my brain cells intact, thank you. (If you like those shows, by all means, continue on liking them. They're just not my forte.)
  • I believe in Bigfoot.
  • Like all other teenagers who deprive themselves of sleep, I get quite philosophical after 10:30 at night and start craving deep conversations, although I never manage to find myself in the midst of one.
  • Wil Wheaton is either my soul mate or my spirit animal, and I can't decide on which.
  • Extreme Nicolas Cage fan.
  • My favorite movie is Miss Congeniality. If you've seen it, you can agree about its fantastic quality. If you haven't, WHY THE HECK ARE YOU STILL READING THIS?! GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW.
  • I'm probably the only girl I know that isn't obessed with Disney movies. They're definitely not my favorite things in the world, aside from Hercules and Mulan because those are perfect.
  • Also, Gilligan's Island is glorious and I feel bad for everyone that's my age because most of them haven't seen it, so their lives are incomplete.

I'm sure you're sick of reading about me by now, so I'll end this blog post here in just one second. 
I'll try my hardest to update regularly. It could be movie reviews, rants, or just basically anything I feel the need to put effort into by collecting my thoughts and typing a post about said subject.

So, live long and proper, friends. 

You're rad and don't forget that.