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Monday, July 28, 2014

A Gibbs Slap A Day Keeps The Stupid Away

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Hey there, homies.

(I don't know why I'm using the word 'homie' because I don't think you could get any less gangster than me.)


If you've ever seen NCIS, which I recommend you do because that show is flawless, you know exactly what I'm talking about here.

But, what brings this up is that our kitten, Bucky, has started to become very adept at slapping me in the back of the head as if he's a feline version of Leroy Jethro Gibbs. (Which is actually a bit of a scary thought because now I'm preparing myself for having him show up silently and stare at me if I'm ever complaining about him. I hope it doesn't get to the point where I start acting like DiNozzo. I'll stick to my almost McGee-esque personality.) He'll jump up on the back of the couch when I'm not looking, walk behind my head, and whap, there you go, I have been Gibbs slapped. Again.

Bucky: 26.
Allie: Maybe 1 and 3/4.

Dang flammit, now I'm in the mood to watch an unhealthy amount of NCIS reruns.

I also just realized I never told you how we came about getting Bucky. 

So, on the 17th and 18th of July, our dogs would not shut up. At all. They barked ALL THE TIME. The worst was the night barking. UGH. IT WAS HORRIBLE. They bark all the time anyway, but this was about 110% more annoying than usual. We couldn't figure out what they were barking at if our lives revolved around it. As time passed, my dad started hearing a cat meowing, but he had no clue where it was, except he figured it was coming from my neighbor's yard. On Saturday, my dad and my neighbor, named Bill, (Bill is my favorite neighbor, in case you were curious. I bet you were.) went on a quest to find said meowing cat. What they found was an adorable little kitten that had been trapped in a window well, the poor thing. My dad brought him inside and my mom helped feed him and got him some water. I woke up that morning (at like 11) to a bunch of meowing and I was laying there thinking, "Huh. That doesn't sound like Cyprian. Let's go check it out." Lo and behold, I laid eyes on basically the cutest kitten I had ever seen in my life and promptly decided to cuddle with it and get attached to it, even though I was under the impression that we weren't going to keep the little one. Dad also told me not to name him, but what did I do? Yep. I named him. I spent the majority of the day napping with who I'm now dubbing Tiny Satan for reasons yet to be explained. Sunday rolled around, and my father came to the decision that we were keeping Bucky. (I guess my never-ending puppy dog eyes probably helped.)

Okay, so, Bucky is being dubbed Tiny Satan due to the fact that he has now gotten his strength and energy back and he's freakin' WILD. He will literally climb up my leg, on my bare skin. Let me tell you how great that doesn't feel. He goes into what I like to call Spider-man mode and scales the couch to attack whichever part of my body even slightly twitches. I have battle wounds, guys. Arms, legs, face. EVERYWHERE. I'll be watching X-Files or Merlin or something, y'know, just doing my own thing, and then I have to say hello to Bucky attacking my dang face. Also, he's already mimicking my rebellious teenager stage and won't listen to me when I yell, "BUCKY XENOPHILIUS (zee-no-phil-ee-us) WOOD, GET OFF/OUT OF THERE," which means I have to get up from whatever comfortable position I happen to be in and go deal with Tiny Satan, in case you were wondering how any semblance of training is going for me.

Bucky also happens to be one of the least graceful cats I have ever met. It is the cutest/funniest thing on this planet. I'm telling you, my family and I haven't laughed as hard as we have lately than we have in the last little while. He does funny things lie jump really high and let his back legs splay out and it makes for the most awkward landings you've probably seen a cat do. You're missing out if you haven't seen it. Just sayin'. My favorite is when he runs head first into anything in his way when he's playing with a toy. It's classic.

On my closing note, here is a picture I captured of Bucky mid-butt wiggle, ready to attack. *crescendo of the chorus of Wiggle by Jason Derulo* 

Cute, isn't he?


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