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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Save Me From The 6th Avenue Heartache, San Francisco.

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Hola, mi amigos.

What's better than a free concert that has The Wallflowers and Train?
The answer is:
Except maybe a night of watching X-Files while cuddling (preferably with another human being, but a cat works, as well) and eating quality ice cream while wrapped up in a blanket fresh from the dryer. BUT IT'S UP THERE.

Soooo, big shout out to Zion's Bank for making a free concert happen. I don't use their services, but, hey, I LOVE THEM NOW. THEY'RE THE REAL MVP.

Actually, the real MVP is my mother because she took the time to take me to the concert and hang out with me all afternoon, which is probably reason number 'infinity' that I love her.

See, we are adorable. Look at us.

By the way, the title of this post is a somewhat fun use of a Wallflowers song (6th Avenue Heartache) and a Train song (Save Me, San Francisco), so there. I don't know, I like to think I'm clever sometimes. (Okay, actually, I totally like to think that ALL the time.) If you haven't heard those songs, you're missing out. And by saying "you're missing out," I mean go listen to them. Right now. Just open up a new tab and YouTube away to your heart's content. In case you were curious, 6th Avenue Heartache is my favorite Wallflower song and they sang it tonight, and I totally could have died right then and there, but I continued on and got to hear Train sing Save Me, San Francisco as well as Bulletproof Picasso from their album that's coming out in September. Let me tell you how AMAZING that song is. It was even better because no one knew the words so it was strictly him singing and I am in love.

Here is one of the better pictures I got of The Wallflowers. 

Not much, but hey, I'm really digging Jakob Dylan's hat and I want it.

Can we talk about how much will power it takes to be standing up for a concert that lasts from roughly 8 o' clock to 11 o' clock? Because it does and my feet hurt as a reminder of that. Another point I want to make is how creepy City Creek actually is after 11:00 when no one is walking around in there.

Side note, it was totally weird being back down by the Energy Solutions Arena, because last time I was there, I was inside it graduating from high school. That was pretty rad, if I do say so myself. It's just odd thinking about how fast this summer's gone by and how soon I have to put myself into gear, pull myself up by my bootstraps, and grow up. (24 days until boot camp. Can you tell I'm panicking yet? No? Well, I am. Thought you should know.)

Using the word "bootstraps" reminded me to dive into the depths of my picture download folder to find this utterly fantastic gem of a comic:

Funny, huh?
I have a comic for just about every situation, just warning you guys.

Mini shout out to the guy in front of me for part of the concert that had a funky pigeon dance thing going on that made me fall semi-in-like with him until I realized he was married with a kid. Oops. You go, attractive dancing man. Don't ever let anyone tell you not to dance, my friend, because frankly, it is super fantastic.

And what's a good concert without a late night, tired selfie with my new band t-shirt?

And, yes, me and Cinderella, we put it all together, and we can drive it home with one headlight. ♪

My favorite comment of the night was from some random guy we were sitting near before the concert started who was talking to another random man. "This concert starts at eight, and then it's gonna go ALLLL night. Until ten." Apparently, two hours constitutes as all night, and it was adorable to listen to.


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