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Friday, August 8, 2014

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow.

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First of all, that's a title to an episode of Gilligan's Island, so yay for re-purposing.
And, no, I did not turn bald like the Skipper or Gilligan.
But, my hair is a fairly substantial amount shorter than it was a mere day ago.
(By fairly, I mean over half my hair is gone.)

Here, let me enlighten you and tell you why getting your hair cut short is more stressful than you'd think it is.

  • What if it doesn't look good?!
    • Well, if it doesn't, you're smack out of luck until it starts growing out again. If you want to know if it looks good or not, ask an eight-year-old because they'll more than likely be brutally honest. That's just a plain fact.
  • What if it doesn't complement my facial structure?!
    • See, that's a major issue. Some hairstyles just don't look good with certain facial shape. I can't explain it, but it's true.
  • How on this green earth am I going to style this now?!
    • Granted, if you're anything like me, you have two, maybe three, go-to hairstyles because you're not that talented at doing anything with your hair. As in, it's either down straight, down curly, up in a horrible-looking bun or in a ponytail. Maybe throw in a side braid to keep things interesting. So, you have to say goodbye to everything you've been doing to your hair for the past couple of years and start anew. Plus, you can't really do anything with short hair, so yay, maybe?
  • How's it going to affect how rad my beanie looks?
    • Okay, that one's probably strictly one of my personal worries, because, if you know me, I'm almost always wearing a beanie, even if it's like 98 degrees outside. (I like them, okay? They're comfy.)

So, after five hours at the salon, (yes, five, because I had to get the relaxer treatment because my natural hair is its own monstrous entity.) of course it only makes sense to have an impromptu photo shoot showcasing before and afters. Yes, beanie shots included, because I'm sure you guys are on the edges of your seats wondering if my hair is still okay with a beanie. Don't lie. I know it's true. (Let me just say I'm lucky cameras have self-timers because I'm pretty sure teaching Bucky to take pictures wouldn't have gone over well at all.) So, get ready to get bombarded with a bunch of pictures of me. Here we go.

So, here's some super cheesy BEFORE pictures.

I'm all about the beanie lyfe, yo.

Look how long it was. Ughhhh.

Straight up thuggin'.

Yay for selfies.

I don't know why I have this one. You can't even see my hair. But I think it's a pretty cute picture.
And here's AFTER.

More selfies.

Somebody please teach me how to not look awkward.

This one's pretty cute.

Go-to pose. Still all about that beanie lyfe, yo.

Back view.

All of my cliche photos aside, it's getting super real that I'm leaving in 11 short (too short, like my hair) days. Mostly because I'm over here like, "Hey, if you weren't going to boot camp, your hair would still be long and would continue to overheat you while sitting perfectly still in an air conditioned home." I mean, I'm really not sure how I happen to be liking the short hair yet, because I have not had my hair this short since sixth grade. But, c'est la vie. I'll survive.

Also, can we talk about how weird hair actually is? They are seriously lines coming out of your scalp and sometimes the lines look good and sometimes the lines look atrocious. I don't understand it.

Take care, and comb your hair.

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  1. Thanks for keeping Bucky away from my camera, he tries to kill everything with his bite!
    P.S. Your hair style is adorable.