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Monday, November 24, 2014

Allie's Guide To Being Homesick

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Well, I think the title explains how I'm feeling right now pretty fairly, so there you go.

I would imagine that the reason why I'm really homesick right now is because yesterday marks another mission farewell that I haven't been able to go to, because, y'know, I happen to be living 1,882 miles away from my family and friends at the moment.

Do not get me wrong. I love living in Florida, I love my job, and I love the people around me and my life in general, but, it's rough because I'm still trying to get used to the fact that I'm not living at home anymore. It feels like some weird business trip to a vacation spot or something. Actually, the business trip thing is technically exactly what's going on here. It's still an odd feeling. I don't like getting the reminder that my friends' lives are going on without me there and that my life is going on without them, as well.

But, here's how I seem to get over getting homesick, at least for a couple days at a time.

    • Eat 3 Musketeers bars. Lots of 3 Musketeer bars. 3 Musketeer bars cure almost every problem know to mankind. It's science. Trust me. (You actually probably shouldn't trust me on that, but... Trust me.)

    • Go all typical mopey teenager and have a Netflix marathon in bed. Netflix is usually a good distraction. I'm currently in season 3 of Last Man Standing and it's so hilarious. Watch it. I dare you. Actually, I triple dog dare you. Now you have to do it. Christmas Story even says so.

    • READ ALL THE BOOKS. No, but for real, my desk shelf is slowly filling up with books because bookstores seem to be the only places I want to go when I go off-base anymore. Also, quick appreciation sentence about Brandon. I'm really, really lucky to have a boyfriend who will just sit in bookstores with me for literally six hours on end while I look at book-after-comic-after-magazine-after-book and not get sick of me or my bookworm shenanigans. He's rad.

    • Count down the days until you'll be back home on leave. That kind of only works if you're in the military, but... You get the idea. In case you're wondering, that's in 26 days. 26 days until I get back to the snowy coldness that we call Utah. By the way, I only know of two other kids on this whole base that are from Utah, and I knew both of them before getting to boot camp, let alone getting to Florida, so I guess that works, too. But, anyway, I can't wait to see everyone back at home. I miss you guys like crazy. We'll party. And by party, I mean probably watch The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty in our pajamas and drink chai tea. (Yes, I'm talking to you, Abigail Shields.)

    • Study. Y'know, I figure I might as well be productive and study for my tests instead of mope around about all the fun I'm missing back at home. (By the way, I totally have a ton of fun here, don't worry about that. I'm just complaining about missing things for the sake of complaining.) To be honest, learning about my job is like one million times more important than missing home. I love you guys back at home to death, but learning how to find the current and total impedance and other related measurements of a circuit is kind of... better, for the lack of a better word. Ha, look, I used the word better because I lacked a better word. (Exhibit A of things I think are funny that actually aren't.)

    • Go to Portside and play pool and watch movies all night with your friends. That seems to do the trick right away. Shoutout to Nikko for teaching me how to play pool, by the way. You rock.

And, usually, by the time I get through with all that, I thoroughly remember that I love my life and, as much as it sucks to be away from the home I've known my whole life, I'm on a new adventure and I'm doing just fine.

“Home wasn't a set house or a single town on a map. It was wherever the people who loved you were, whenever you were together. Not a place, but a moment, and then another, building on each other like bricks to create a solid shelter that you take with you for your entire life, wherever you may go.” 
- Sarah Dessen

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Top 10: Marvel Characters

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You know, I spent like two hours at Barnes & Noble with my boyfriend just reading Deadpool comics the other night, so I might as well go on a Marvel rampage, right? I think that's acceptable.

Here we go, then.

    • Nick Fury.
    • He's just really cool. I mean, there's a guy who can keep the Avengers in check better than most people could, so props to him, right?

    • Bruce Banner aka The Hulk.
    • C'mon. You've gotta love him. It's Hulk. Also, Bruce is a complete genius. Science > a lot of things. Breaking news: Future scientist Allie Wood over here relates to Banner for this reason. Yay.

    • Sam Wilson aka Falcon.
    • Honestly, I love anyone associated with Captain America's story, but that isn't really what matters here. Falcon's probably my favorite of Cap's partners-in-...justice. (I guess. They're definitely not partners-in-crime.) Plus, Falcon took over as Captain America for a little bit, which is pretty cool. That's a tough job to fill.

    • Rocket Raccoon. 
    • I am Rocket Raccoon. Rocket Raccoon is me. We are one. If you've seen Guardians of the Galaxy, you can probably figure out why we're similar. Plus, he's just absolutely adorable. (Because I'm obviously super adorable, too.)

    • Clinton Barton aka Hawkeye. 
    • Just... Um. He's waaaaay too underappreciated. I hate it. He's phenomenal. Plus, Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye is just a bonus.

    • Loki Laufeyson.
    • Honestly, that's all that really needs to be said. He's misunderstood and a bit crazy, which I'm fairly sure most of us can relate to. Plus, Tom freakin' Hiddleston. Simple as that.

    • Victor von Doom aka Dr. Doom. 
    • dunno. I just really like his cape. His back story is really interesting, too. Y'know, born in a gypsy camp, avenging the death of his parents, turning a bit insane, sacrificing his one true love to a pack of demons for power and having armor made out of her skin. Crazy stuff like that, because why not? Plus, he's pretty attractive for a comic book villain.

    • Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier.
    • Okay, if you didn't understand how much I love Bucky, you don't get me. C'mon. My cat is named after him. And my cat is extremely important to me, so that's a pretty big deal. Just saying.

    • Wade Wilson aka Deadpool. 
    • The Merc With The Mouth. Obviously named because he's sassy as all heck. We can also talk about how I stayed up for like two straight days during Comic-Con weekend waiting for the Deadpool footage that was inevitably going to leak, and I wasn't disappointed in the least. Also, since they haven't actually made a Deadpool movie yet, I can't add an actual picture, so you get a cheesy picture of me in my fantastic Deadpool hat that Brandon got for me. You're welcome to be jealous if you so wish.

    • Steve Rogers aka Captain America. 
    • Anyone who know me knows that I adore Captain America with my whole entire heart, and soul, and psyche, and whatever the heck else falls into that category. Steve's my favorite because he always sticks to what he knows is right in his heart, despite what his fellow avengers or S.H.I.E.L.D. or whoever wants him to do, and I find that respectable. Let's all try to be more like him, yeah?

So, basically, Marvel is fantastic, and nothing can beat that, except for cats. Cats always rule.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Take It From Bob Marley.

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Don't worry about a thing, because every little thing is gonna be alright.

Okay, let me explain why I'm trying to sing a Bob Marley song to you through my keyboard.

Around here, I've started hearing more and more people complaining about everything going on. They complain about Florida being too hot or too cold. They complain about cleaning. They complain about missing family. (Okay, okay, it's no secret that I complain about missing my family, too.) It gets a little tiring hearing this stuff ALL THE TIME. 

But, luckily, I keep getting told that I'm such a positive person and I'm usually in a good mood and I'm always smiling unless I'm giving one of my friends a sarcastic look to tease them and make them laugh. Honestly, I love being like that. Let me tell you something. I spent two whole months of my life being inherently mad at all of my surroundings. I would be mad at my RDC's when they'd make us do 10-count core builders or push-ups or wouldn't let us sit down and other dumb stuff like that. I'd be mad at all of my shipmates because they were either just annoying me by being in my general area or they were busy getting the whole division in trouble. I was mad at the temperature of our compartment and having to clean the bathroom multiple times a day because I was on head crew and because the rest of the girls would trash it and not even attempt to clean up after themselves. And, boy, being angry at the world all the time was just absolutely exhausting.

Because of this, I moved down here to NATTC and I decided I just wasn't going to be mad anymore. 

Here are a few reasons for me not to be angry:

  • I'm in the U.S. Navy.
    • I've been wanting to join the military since I was little, and, look, here I am, in the military and such, wearing the uniform I've been dying to wear for years.
  • I'm not living in Utah anymore.
    • Don't get me wrong, I love Utah. It's my home. But, after spending 18 years and 10 months of my life there, I was ready for a scenery change. And, man, I got my scenery change twice in the course of two months. I moved to Illinois for boot camp, and now I'm down here at NATTC in Florida. Now I'll be living here until roughly March or April and then I have no clue where they're going to send me. That's pretty rad, if I do say so myself. 
  • Florida is absolutely gorgeous.
    • Being right by the ocean and having palm trees and sand right outside my window is so new and awesome for me. I feel like I'm being paid to be on vacation. (Well, minus the cleaning, but that doesn't matter.) 
    • Let's mention how the temperature here can get a little too warm, but it's phenomenal. I'm used to snow starting around this time, not trying to locate a fan so I can cool down, so that's fairly awesome.
  • I'm surrounded by great people.
    • My group of friends I've made is an absolute party. I never have a dull day around them because we're all hilarious and know how to have a great time without having to spend money or even go off base.
  • I'm surrounded by something I have a passion for.
    • AVIATION. AVIATION EVERYWHERE. Starting in a couple days, my classes to become an aviation electrician's mate is going to start and, I don't know about you, but I'm excited as heck. I love learning. Especially anything to do with aviation. And, lo and behold, this whole base is dedicated to that topic. Heck, I get so happy walking outside and seeing a jet fly by.

I could go on, but that would make this post waaaaay too long, and I'm not about that life.

So, kind of long story short, if you focus on the good things instead of the bad, you are going to have a much easier, as well as a much better, time with anything that you do. It's totally cliche to say, but look on the bright side. It's worth it. Take everything in stride, and just smile.

Even if you're in a bad mood, if you force yourself to smile, you will start feeling a bit better.
Totally scientifically proven. Google it if you need to.

Also, one last Bob Marley lyric song, because YOLO, petty officer.

Every life, we have some trouble,
when you worry, you make it double.
Don't worry, be happy.
Don't worry, be happy now.