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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Why It's Okay To Say "Happy Whatever."

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I've seen a lot of people complaining about people saying "Happy Holidays," instead of "Merry Christmas. I really just don't understand why this is a problem. AT ALL. Are you people serious?

This is not to rag on Christians. My family is Christian. It's a great thing. I also know that most Christians aren't offended by this. If you're one of the ones who isn't taking offense about the "Happy Holiday" thing, this is not about you. I promise. This is just the predominant group causing this issue.

Okay, you people who are probably the ones who were offended by the Starbucks cup even though you denied it:

  • There's more than one holiday in December:
    • Ashura
      • Dec. 5th. 
      • Islamic
    • Bodhi Day
      • Dec. 6th.
      • Buddhist
    • The Feast Of Our Lady Guadalupe:
      • Dec. 12th.
      • Catholic.
    • Hanukkah
      • Dec. 20th. (Beginning.)
      • Judaism
    • Christmas:
      • Dec. 25th.
      • Christian.
    • Kwanzaa:
      • Dec. 26th. (Beginning.)
      • African-American culture celebration.

  • Your "Christmas" was originally a Pagan holiday.
    • *gasp* OH MY GOSH WHAT? No, but really. Christian were basically just like, "Oh, there's already a holiday being celebrated right now? Well, this is mine now. Away with your Pagan ways. This is so totally our holiday now." Also, I'm sure you know, but Jesus was not born on Christmas Day. If you want to know more about this, because I really, really just don't feel like explaining the whole thing right now because it's complicated, go here:

  • Let's talk about Freedom of Speech for a quick second.
    • Someone saying "Happy Holidays" is NOT infringing on your freedom of speech. Is it illegal to say "Merry Christmas?" Are you getting a gun pointed at your head and being forced to say "Happy Holidays" against your will? No? Never? Then, there you go. NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH ISSUES HERE.  Also, Freedom of Speech goes both ways. You are still allowed to say "Merry Christmas," if that is what your heart desires. But, that also means people are allowed to say "Happy Holidays." What an insane piece of information, right?

  • This. Country. Is. Not. A. Christian. Based. Country.
    • How long is it going to take you guys to realize that? The founding fathers, (you know, all those people you respect and who wrote that Constitution you love so much) have SO many quotes saying it is not a Christian country. They came over here for religious freedom for all, not to create a country that was one single religion. (That was literally exactly what they were running away from.) So, for those of you saying that people who don't say "Merry Christmas," should leave the country? You are so rude and messed up and not a decent human being. There. I said it. That's also illegal, by the way. Sending someone out of the country due to religion. You're bigoted and biased if you think for a second that that is an okay thing to do, or say, or threaten, no matter what the reason.

    • Okay, okay, okay. If someone says "Happy Holidays," to you, THEY ARE TRYING TO BE NICE. Believe it or not, not everyone is Christian, and not everyone celebrates Christmas. At least someone is taking a couple seconds out of their day to wish you happiness during the holiday season, regardless of what you celebrate and believe. Why would you get mad at that? WHY? Seriously? How immature are you? "Oh, they don't believe what I believe, so they obviously hate my lifestyle and hate Christians." No. That's not how any of this works. GROW UP.

  • Companies say "Happy Holidays" for the same reasons I've stated in the previous bullet.
    • People are trying to be nice to EVERYONE. Christians are not the only people who deserve love and respect during this holiday season. (Crazy idea, right?) Also, I don't see many people protesting stores because they aren't saying "Happy Hanukkah" or anything. Again, Christians are not the only people who shop at any given store.

Also, P.S.
I  love all of you and I support you in whatever holiday you are celebrating this season. All I ask of you is to be kind and respectful towards your fellow human beings. This is supposed to be a season of love and giving. Not hate and intolerance. Please be kind. (Yes, I know, some of the things I said in here are not considered kind, and I know I'm being a hypocrite. I'm sorry. I apologize. But, I needed to get this off my chest because it was really bugging me.)

So, Happy Holidays, everyone. 
You're rad.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Why I Love Being In Love.

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So, it's Brandon's and my one year anniversary together.
Crazy, huh?
(I wish I could tell my sad high school self that I wasn't going to be sad and alone forever.)

Here is a list of some of the main reason why I just love being in love!
  • Because of all the little things.
    • Sometimes, the little things are the most important. The things you notice when you fall in love with someone are phenomenal. They're things you really never would have noticed before. Such as the unique way his eyes and nose crinkle up when he smiles. The way I can hear the excitement in his voice when he talks about something he's passionate about. They way he absent-mindedly rubs his thumb in a circle in the back of my hand when we're holding hands. The way I still get butterflies when I see him, even though we've been together for a year now. Them grabbing you some Advil when they know you aren't feeling good. Seriously, the little things add up, so never count them out.
  • Because there's always someone to talk to.
    • No, I don't mean small talk, and I don't mean that in an, "Oh, I'm so bored, I need to find someone to talk to," way. I mean that I always have someone to bounce ideas off of, someone to rant to, someone that'll keep me in check before I start running myself into a wall. Basically, someone I can have actual intelligent conversations with. I have someone that I could tell a stupid joke to one moment, and then proceed get into a deep philosophical debate the next. I'm never bored with him, which is such an important factor to me.
  • Because we're able to challenge each other and push each other to be even better people than we once were.
    • Obviously, we fell in love with each other for our own reasons, and that means we don't want each other to change, at least not drastically. What it means is that we don't want to see each other change for the worse. We want to see each other succeed. We want to help the other learn and grow. Whether it's Brandon making me eat something healthy as opposed to letting me shove a package of Oreos down my throat at superhuman speed, or whether it's me telling him to get off his phone and enjoy the scenery, it's strictly because we love and care for each other. We want to see each other put our best foot forward, regardless of the situation.
  • Because after all this time, there's still a bit of territorial skirmishes over one another.
    • I know Brandon's not fond of the fact that I get free crickets for my tarantulas because the guy at the exotic pets store thinks I'm cute. Brandon knows I'm not fond of the cashiers hinting to him about when they get off of work when we're grocery shopping. It's a bit annoying to see that happen. But, the beautiful part of it is that we know we're the only ones that love the other like that. I don't worry about Brandon gallivanting off with some other girl, so, sometimes, I just take the fact that other females blatantly flirt with him as a compliment. It makes me feel even more lucky to be able to call him mine because out of all the girls vying for his attention, he chose me. And I couldn't be happier.

  • I can be myself around him.
    • Sure, of course I act like myself all the time. But there have been times where I've tried to be something I'm not or pretend to like something to get someone's attention. But, never once have I felt that I have to be anything but myself around him. I feel like that is one of the most important things in a relationship, aside from respect. They need to love you for you. All your little quirks, your maybe not-so-cute faces when you eat something sour, maybe some snappy sarcasm every once in a while. (Okay, all the time.) It has to be unconditional. There can't be any "I love you, buts." Find someone who simply loves you for being you. Someone who doesn't make you feel like you need to pretend. That's healthy. It's love. I couldn't be anymore lucky with the fact that I found just the person who loves me for me,.
  • Because with him, I finally found out what love is to me.
    • Just like everyone else, I have had bad relationships. I had those relationships where I thought (keyword: thought) I was sooo in love with some "wonderful" boy, only to get my heart broken. I've been lied to. I've been cheated on once or twice. (Twice.) I've been treated very poorly. I've been ignored. I've been stabbed in the back. I've been used. Yet, there I was, being a naive, dramatic little teenager, and telling myself that "love requires sacrifice." What it took me a while to learn is that, yes, of course, love requires sacrifice, but not at the hands of one person always being put second, always getting hurt. Love requires both parties to sacrifice things such as time, money, and a little bit of sanity at some points. But NEVER does it require one person sacrificing their well-being for the other. As much as I claim I would have liked to figure that out earlier, I actually don't. I'm extremely grateful that it took me a lot of failed relationships to get to the point I'm at, because, without those experiences, honestly, I would not appreciate where I am right now with the actual love of my life. I'd think he was just another guy, when, in reality, he's everything I've been looking for and much, much more. Being with Brandon has taught me that loving someone requires effort on both parts. It requires putting someone before you. (Obviously, not always. Not to the point where you let yourself go for them.) It requires patience. It requires compromise. You realize that love is like a living, breathing human being. You have to feed it. You have to make sure it's in good shape. You have to make sure you're giving it the right medicine when it gets sick. If you do those things, it's amazing. It's something you have never felt before. It's real love. It's a challenge, but, by heavens, it is worth everything.
  • Because being in love taught me that the phrase, "You have to love yourself before someone can love you," isn't true.
    • Do you have to love yourself first before someone can love you? No. Absolutely not. Being in love taught me that's it's okay to have days where I don't love myself. To be honest, there are days where I absolutely hate everything about me, but I have a person who loves me unconditionally. He shows me every single day that I'm still worth loving even when I can't love myself. It works vice versa, too. Even he has days where he's unsure of himself and isn't viewing himself as being worthy of love and I'll remind him of how joyful I get when I look at him. I'll remind him about how much potential I see in him. In other words, I'll tell him how much I love him. It's amazing to see that the love you give someone can give them strength when they don't have their own. Everyone, I repeat, EVERYONE needs someone in their life to remind them that they're worth more than they think they are, and, more importantly,  that they're worth loving.
  • Because when he says, "I love you," I get the same rush of happiness that I got the very first time he said it.
    • Obviously, the phrase "I love you" has been said back and forth between us multiple times, and we have never not meant it. But, the fact that sometimes I still get that feeling I get when a roller coaster drops me really fast when he says "I love you" is awesome. That's a good thing, trust me. I love that feeling. I don't know any other way to describe it. It was a really beautiful moment when he first said those three words. We were stargazing somewhere on base down in Pensacola that we weren't actually supposed to be. We went anyway because it had the best stargazing viewpoint, and you know me and stars. Anyway, we were basically silent, and out of nowhere, he told me he loved me. I was actually in shock for a couple seconds because I had never heard those words said to me from a guy I was dating with such shyness and honesty before in my life. To be honest, I had to take a minute to realize that it was real and that he actually said it. I still get that feeling constantly, but now it's a mixture of that, and feeling so lucky that I somehow managed to find someone as wonderful as him, and that someone as wonderful as him could love someone as crazy, opinionated, and silly as me.
Obviously, there are a million reasons why I love Brandon and why I love being in love. These were just a few. I hope every single one of you gets to find the happiness that comes with a love like this. You all deserve it. <3

Thursday, October 15, 2015

What My Anxiety And Panic Make Me Feel Like.

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It's no secret anymore. 
I've said it before, and I'll say it again.
I have an anxiety disorder.
Generalized Anxiety Disorder, to be exact.
I also have Panic Disorder.
Now, I'm going to tell you what it feels like.

Now, there's a reason I put "What My Anxiety And Panic Make Me Feel Like," as the title to this post, as opposed to "What Anxiety And Panic Make People Feel Like." It's different for everyone. It all has the same undertone, but it shows up differently for everyone This is what it feels like to me. 

  • It feels like that seemingly 'never-ending' anticipation when you're watching a horror movie and you just know the bad guy is about to pop out of nowhere, but you don't know when.


That anticipation, that heightened sense of alert even though you're actually safe at home and you're just chilling on the couch? It really is never-ending. I'm not saying I'm scared all the time. I'm rarely ever scared. What I am saying is that my heart tends to beat a little faster when I'm trying to relax, because I'm in a constant state of worry. Again, not an "Oh my gosh, what was that potentially harmless noise that could also potentially be someone trying to kill me," kind of worry. Anxiety is not being paranoid. Let me repeat, ANXIETY IS NOT EQUIVALENT TO BEING PARANOID. It may seem like we can be paranoid, but trust me, that's not what it is.

  • Even if all your ducks are in a row, you can't shake the feeling that, somehow, someway, one of them has wondered off, even though they haven't.

"I've got five ducks. They're all here. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Okay, still all here. But are they really? Is number four actually my duck or is that someone else's duck? Wait. What if someone has my number four and I have their number four? Is that why I feel so weird right now? Because I don't have the right ducks? I sure hope this is my number four duck and not my neighbor's."

This is kind of a weird metaphor I'm trying to make work. In this case, the ducks mean my own legitimate worries.

If we're making ducks equal worries, this can mean I'm doing something like making someone else's low-key worry one of my main worries, because that's just how I think. Example:

Them: I've got a test tomorrow. I hope I pass.
Me: Oh, I hope so, too. Good luck! Get a good night's rest!
Me: *internally the next day* Oh, my. They're probably taking their test right now. I hope they got enough sleep and that they had a good breakfast. Did they make it to the test on time? Did they study last night? Are they able to focus right now? Oh, I hope they pass." *continues to be worried about it all day, even though it's literally not my worry to be worrying about in the first place* 

Sure, concern about someone is fine. But, trust me, making someone's worry your own is a little rough. It's pretty energy sapping.

  • It makes me feel deep-set admiration for that little voice in the back of my head that constantly reminds me that I can't punch someone when I hear things like "Just calm down," or "There's people out there who have it worse for you," or "Have you tried anything like meditation or something?"

WE. CANNOT. CONTROL. IT. If I had the ability to just "calm down" when I am about to have or am having a panic attack, don't you think I would? It has nothing to do with my mindset. My body is literally working against me, constantly. I have an anxiety disorder because I have a chemical imbalance. I have a bit too much dopamine and a little too little serotonin floating around my neurotransmitters up top. It's not my choice if, or when, I start freaking out and have a panic attack. Trust me. I wish I could decide. Because, then, I just wouldn't have my panic attacks in the first place. Yeah, there's people in worse situations than me, for sure. I'm not one to deny that and I wish everyone was at least as well-off as me. The world would be a lot happier. But, the thing is, MY world revolves around ME. I'm not saying that to sound selfish. Everyone's world revolves around themselves. That's why we keep living. If you stop caring about yourself and worrying about yourself, you can get extremely sick, or you could do something dangerous and potentially die because you simply didn't care. So, yeah, I care about my well-being, whether it's an ideal situation or not. That's that. Meditation? Really? Really? You don't think I've tried every possible outlet to calm myself down and that being literally the first thing everyone tells me to try? Trust me, I've tried it. Probably more times than you ever had. It just doesn't work for me. I get that you're saying you care by trying to give me an idea to try out to "help," and I appreciate that. I really do. But, since I'm extremely well aware of my situation and my problem, you can't honestly expect me to have not already tried that.

Here's a little comic that might put this into a little more perspective:

  • It makes my whole life feel like the category my 'issues' fall under: Disorder.

Rarely do I ever feel like I'm in 100% control of my own emotions or even my thoughts. It feels like someone or something else is controlling me when I have any episodes or just have some free-floating anxiety. Why am I crying so hard that I can't breathe when literally nothing is wrong in my life? Because my body's telling me to. Why am I worried about things I could never hope to control and don't WANT to be worried about in the first place? Because my body's telling me to. It's hard feeling like you're not in control of yourself, and that is simply the epitome of my life. I feel like my life is in constant disarray, even though everything's fine. All the bills are paid, I have food to eat, my car is running, everything is good. Yet, it's not. Because my body just feels like something's off. Like there's some potential problem always lurking in the background and I can prevent it if I can just THINK of it. But, the problem is, I can never think of it. So, I'm just left with this free-floating worry. All the time. It's so totally fantastic. 10/10. Would recommend. Not.

  • It makes me feel like a monster sometimes.

No, not the big, hairy thing with sharp teeth that chases you in nightmares. The kind of monster you don't expect. Almost like that psychopath that lives down the street. Friendly enough and says hi when you pass each other while you're going to check your mail, but murders their boss for no other reason than to just do it, but then feels the guilt of it while they're in jail for the rest of their lives. Obviously, I'm not a murderer and that probably wasn't the best comparison to make, but it's the best thing I can think of. But, the thing is, when I'm not freaking out, I seem totally fine, totally normal. I smile and laugh just as much as everyone else. I'll joke around with everyone. I come off as a very happy and care-free person from what people have told me. But then there's those times when I'm freaking out for no reason, crying hysterically, and trying not to scream at anything up to, and including, inanimate objects, and then turning around to see things like the look on my fiance's face when he's desperately trying to reassure me that everything's okay, that nothing bad is going to happen, etc., etc. It's times like that where I feel like the worst human on the earth because I'm causing pain by existing in that current moment and being the sole reason for that moment.) (P.S. Brandon, I know you're reading this, so I just want to say thank you for dealing with me when I go into panic mode, because I know that's difficult to deal with. It means the world. I love you.)

  • It makes me feel sick to my stomach. Literally.

I have thrown up more because of panic attacks and worries than I ever have while I've been actually sick, like with the flu and other stuff. It's rough. It makes me sweat a lot. It makes me overheat. My muscles spaz up and cramp up. Or some muscles just decide to give out and a whole limb will just be useless for a couple minutes. My face gets red. My mouth gets too dry to talk sometimes. I get dizzy and have to sit down. All for no other reason than just because I'm extra worried over something stupid or nothing at all.

  • But. Sometimes, just sometimes, it makes me feel grateful.
It makes me feel grateful because at least I have a body, even if it doesn't like me most of the the time. I haven't woken up dead yet, and that's something to be grateful for. It makes me feel grateful because it's shown me that, even though I feel like I'm a weak person for crying over something stupid like if that ant I killed in my kitchen earlier had a family, I'm still a very strong person. I haven't taken to self-medicating my problem with any less than ideal substances. I still have my job in the world's greatest Navy, and trust me, I've seen people get kicked out for lesser reasons than that. I'm almost proud, I guess, to be someone who has to deal with this problem, because it makes me grateful for things like times when I'm actually care-free. (Extremely rare, but it happens.) It makes me happy when I get through a stressful situation without having to run to the bathroom to dry heave and cry. I definitely look at life differently a little differently, and that's okay. It's like when you get a new prescription for your glasses or contacts and you finally see things a little more clearly. You could see before, but now everything's in high definition. It's quite the sight to see.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Top 10: Worst Types Of People.

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 I haven't done a Top 10 post in a quick minute, so I might as well go for it.

This is going to be a HUGE rant post, so, if you don't feel like reading this and listening to me complain about a lot of stuff, I wouldn't recommend continuing. Please and thank you. I'd rather not get criticised for MY opinions that I put on MY blog.

This week, I've been very annoyed with a bunch of types of people. I haven't been annoyed with any specific people. Just general types. So, no, this is probably not about any of you, unless, of course, it is. That's up for you to decide. This will also go from least annoying (10) to most annoying (1).

    • Okay, seriously, now. On the highway I drive home on, most exits have about a mile long stretch before them. Granted, a mile goes by semi-quickly when you're going 75, but it doesn't go by too quickly. It's just the practical thing to just get out of the lane you don't need to be in as soon as possible. I get the "Okay, maybe I can pass a couple slower people if I stay in this lane longer" philosophy. But, if you're staying in the lane so long that you can potentially cause a traffic accident by switching at the VERY LAST SECOND, no, you are a bad person. Traffic is already bad enough. Don't make it worse by crashing into someone. I know that by the time I get up to where an exit splits off, I'm usually not worried about anyone trying to get in front of me because most people are smart enough to get out of the lane before then. I've seen WAY too many people almost crash head-on into the median or side wipe another car over this maneuver. Just do everyone a favor and get out of the lane before you absolutely have no other option.

    • Yes, I'm still on the whole driving thing. It just really freaking annoys me. YOU HAVE BLINKERS FOR A REASON. Funny how you have this little contraption that you can use to tell other people where you're going when you decide to go there. USE IT. USE THE HECK OUT OF IT. There's no such thing as an overused blinker. (Unless you just forget to turn it off and I'm stuck behind you, thinking I'm waiting for you to get in the other lane, or kindly staying behind you in said next lane to give you room to merge, when, in reality, it's going to take me two miles to realize you're not going anywhere.) The worst is when people don't turn their blinkers on in heavy traffic and just swing their car right in front of me, making me semi-slam on the brakes because I had no clue I was going to have a car in front of me at that moment in time. I'm a pretty big stickler on the 'stay two seconds (at least) behind the person in front of you' rule. It's a good rule. That's to keep me from potentially crashing into the car in front of me if they have to throw on their brakes for any reason under the stars. It's not for you to come recklessly screaming into. I get it. You want to get home after a long day at work. So do I. So, let's make it so we can both get home safely, without damage to our cars, or worse, our bodies. If you let me know you need to get over into a different lane by, wouldn't you know it, putting your stupid blinker on, I'd be like, "Hey, look, they need to get into my lane. Here, let me give you ample space to merge. You're welcome. Have a fantastic day," instead of, "HEY, DON'T CUT ME OFF, YOU LITTLE BASKETCASE WEASEL IDIOT." (Yes, that's an actual phrase I use. No, I don't know where I came up with that. Don't ask.) C'mon, people. It takes less than a second and you're helping everyone around you. Please, for the love of humanity, USE YOUR BLINKERS.

    • Seriously, do you get joy from being late and making people wait all the time? It's not cool. If people have made plans with you or invited you to something, it's SO rude to be late. One or two times is cool because maybe there was bad traffic or your hair was deciding it really wasn't going to cooperate. Trust me, I feel you. But if you're late every single time or close to every single time, you're a nuisance, and people are going to stop inviting you to things and you're going to wonder why they hate you. It's not that they hate you, they just hate your habit, because they've spent countless minutes and hours waiting on you to take your sweet time getting anywhere. If you think you have a chance at being late, leave a little bit earlier.

    • Oh, you're about to yell at your S.O. for finding out they cheated on you? DO IT AT HOME. You're about to have a huge argument over why they shouldn't have invited your in-laws to stay over without asking you? DO IT AT HOME. You're going to break up with you boyfriend/girlfriend because you're just not feeling it anymore? DO IT AT HOME. Yeah, sure, maybe the person you're dealing with is being a scumbag, and yeah, maybe they deserve the talking-to that's coming their way. but don't make strangers feel uncomfortable just because you don't have the patience to wait an extra half hour to get home before you light someone up? Rude. I mean, I read a story the other week about a guy who broke up with his girlfriend on an airplane ride BEFORE the plane even took off and a bunch of passengers had to deal with her obnoxious sobs for an hour or two. Why would you even do that? There are certain conversations that you should 100 percent NOT have in public. If you would feel awkward about strangers having the conversation you're about to have in public place, maybe you shouldn't have it in public, either. It is embarrassing to strangers that have to listen to it, it's embarrassing to the person you're talking to, and it should be embarrassing to you, too. 

    • C'mon. Is it really necessary to be rude just to be rude? Grow up. That's middle school bullcrap. Just because you're having a bad day doesn't mean you need to make it worse for anyone else. I'm notorious for this, which, yes, this is me admitting that I am sometimes part of the type of people I hate. Admitting this has actually helped me get better at NOT doing something like this. I used to take out my frustrations of school, work, anything, out on those closest to me. That was not an okay thing for me to do. The people I love (my parents, my fiance, my best friends) didn't and never will deserve that. So, I apologize. But, I'm still working on it. I may slip up from time to time, and trust me, I'm sorry about that. I should not be rude for no reason, and neither should anyone else. Imagine how good of a day everyone would have if, even if they were mad, they we're just nice to everyone instead. You can't say your mood has never improved when you make someone smile or feel good about themselves. Oh, so you're mad at your coworker? Compliment someone else on their smile. Watch them have a better day than they were having and realize you helped with that and should be having a good day, too.

    • Don't tell me what I'm eating isn't healthy for me if you're about to turn around and eat some seven-layer pizza thing with every topping imaginable and guzzle down a bottle of soda. That's an extreme example, but you get it. The worst is when people give thier opinion, claim "I'm entitled to my opinion," then get angry when you give your opinion in reubuttal. You're not he only one entiled to an opinion. Also, you forced me to listen to yours, so I can very well force you to listen to mine. Eye for an eye, right? I hate the term "eye for an eye," but sometimes, its pretty applicable.

    • Can you just... I don't know... Not do that? Ever? I wasn't planning on saying that I just got diagnosed with GAD, depression, panic disorder, and PTSD, but I here I am saying it. It's so sickening to me to watch people claim they have debilitating anxiety or depression or anything just to get comments like "Are you okay?" "or "Anything I can do for you?" News flash, you can be anxious about things without having an anxiety disorder. You can definitely be depressed for a few days without having depression. You can have mood swings and mind changes without being bipolar. You can be particular about certain things without having OCD. Those are called having emotions. Mental illnesses aren't something to fake or claim to have or joke around about. If you've been diagnosed with one, I am not talking about you in this post. If you have a serious concern that you actually have one, I am also not talking about you. Also, go talk to a doctor, because it's better to start getting it taken care of now as opposed to later. Obviously, I don't know everyone's personal struggles, and I for sure do not know who does or does not have any mental illnesses, but there are some people I've seen that definitely do not have any of the symptoms or any trouble at all with situations people with mental illnesses have that claim to have such bad times with everything just for attention. Just please be considerate. By claiming you have a mental illness and making light of it, you're making people that actually have them less authentic and people will start claiming that they're joking about having it, too. Also, never, ever joke about mental illnesses. They aren't funny. They aren't cute. They're a big problem, and usually, if they're anything like me, the problems they have can be some of their biggest insecurities. And don't tell people to just "suck it up and deal with it because it can't be that bad." You don't tell someone with a physical disease to just "get better" and "stop whining about it." If it's not okay to tell someone with a physical illness to get over it, it's also not okay to tell someone with a mental illness to get over it.

    • If you absolutely MUST judge anyone, judge their character. Judge them on how they treat their waiters and waitresses when you go out to eat. Judge them on their ability to be a good person. But, NEVER EVER EVER judge them for being from a different culture, or country, or literally just existing. Not all cops are bad. Not all white people are racist. Every single male in existence aren't trying to oppress women and not all women do hate men. Not all religious folks hate gays or people who don't agree with their religion, and vice versa. Most people with tattoos aren't irresponsible. People like me who have never had alcohol or smoked are not "lame" and "boring." Not all people who do drink or smoke are horrible people. Guess what? We're all human. Unless, of course, there's some alien in disguise somewhere. In that case, not all of us are human, but we all still deserve respect and love. Got it? Cool.

    • I'm looking at you, Donald Trump and avid Facebookers. Every Mexican is a drug dealer and a rapist? Really now? Really? Planned Parenthood is selling body parts? Really now? Really? No. How about you guys start using this neat little website called Google and do a little research from LEGITIMATE websites before posting things willy-nilly and thinking that just because your "moral compass" or bigotry lines up with whatever new accusation pops up, that it's correct and backed up statistically. To be brash, you just look really freaking stupid when you do that. Like, REALLY UNEDUCATED AND STUPID. If not researching for actual facts, at least research so you don't look like an idiot. In other words, just be careful. Everything you read on the internet, newspapers, what you hear on TV, could very well not be true. That's just how things are. Just be smart. Think for yourself instead of being the human equivalent of a lemming and run yourself right over a cliff with the rest of them.

    • These people are seriously they worst people. Whether it's sexual abuse, animal abuse, child abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse, ANYTHING, you are such a horrible entity and you don't deserve good things in life. Maybe that's a brash statement, but it is so accuracte. No one deserves to be abused. Ever. Period. You're what's wrong with the world. Rule of thumb: DON'T HARM OTHER CREATURES IN ANY WAY. EVER. I'm not going to delve too deep into this one, because this is a bad subject for a lot of people to talk about, so I'll end here. But, yes, this is deserving of this number one spot, because that is never okay under any circumstances.

Alright, so there is my top ten list of the worst types of people. I've got my ranting out and now I feel much better. I'd actually kind of like to hear your top ten worst types of people. That would be pretty cool to hear. If you made it this far, thanks for reading this. You're the real MVP.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Things You Hear When You're Engaged At 19:

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By now, I'm pretty sure you've figured out that Brandon and I got engaged. 
If you didn't, now you do.

See, look at our cute little facebook engagement announcement pictures.


I'm also pretty positive most of you know that I'm only nineteen. I mean, I'll be twenty in less than four months, but that's slightly irrelevant right now. Background: I spent my whole life, up until recently, in Utah where it's really not uncommon for a girl to get engaged and married right after high school. It's definitely not a rarity. I was raised in a religion (the main religion that is associated with Utah, which is why I mentioned Utah in the first place) that is very focused on the concept of getting married and starting a family. It tends to translate into a lot of young women choosing to get married young. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, I promise. Most of those marriages work very well. I'm just bringing it up because it's just a well-seen observation of said religion. These girls who get engaged/married at age eighteen and nineteen still get congratulated just like anyone who gets engaged/married should. So, I'm wondering why so many people still say I'm "too young" to make a commitment like this. I don't think I'm too young. I'm a legal adult. Specifically, by that term, I'm at an age where I'm legally allowed to smoke, to vote, get tattoos and piercings without a guardian's approval, or, believe it or not, get married without a special age waiver. But, apparently, I'm still considered "too young." Really, guys?


Yeah, I'm only nineteen. But, I'm a nineteen-year-old that has more than a full-time job. It's a 24/7 commitment. I literally signed my life away if we want to get technical here. I'm a nineteen-year-old that's living over 750 miles from my parents. I'm nineteen-year-old that's currently attempting to make a life for myself here in California, away from everything I ever knew, and I think I'm doing a pretty decent job. But, most of all, I'm a nineteen-year-old that happened to run into the love of my life earlier than even I expected.

In light of that, let's clear up some of the misconceptions of me getting engaged young that I've heard, shall we?


Sure, you can think we're rushing things. We'd only been dating about six months when he proposed. But, let's talk about how we willingly went into an engagement knowing it would be a pretty long engagement because both of us are in the Navy and we know absolutely no future schedules. That means we can't really plan out a wedding date quite yet. Such is the military life. I'd rather not plan on a certain date only to find out one of us is going to be deployed during that time. We're looking at anywhere between a year and a half to three years before we tie the knot. So, sure, we're totally rushing things. Yep. You got us all figured out.


Okay? Cool, you know how to use google, and I'm glad you've spent some time reading statistics on the internet. The threat of the divorce rate of young couples doesn't mean anything to me because, frankly, I have absolute faith in my relationship.


Yes, by all means, I totally got engaged just for attention. I forced Brandon to propose to me just so I could show off a ring and say the word 'fiancéin a very dramatic tone and pretend to be better than everyone else. That's absolutely how my logic works. For the person that asked me that, thanks for assuming I'm that I'm that shallow. I really appreciate it.


Yeah, I haven't figured myself out yet, but, really, who has? I know what I want. No one told the younger version of me that I was "too young to know what I wanted" and that I needed to "figure myself out first" when I first said I wanted to join the military. Look where I am now. In the military. Like I wanted. PSA: marriage isn't the only big commitment out there. Now, with that said, show me someone who has themselves 100% figured out. Every person I know figures out new stuff about themselves constantly, regardless of age or marital status. Boom.


Fun fact, I usually hear this from people who haven't even been married. Like, what? What do you even know about marriage if you haven't been married? I'm engaged, which is one step closer to being married, and even I don't claim to know anything about marriage. So, if you're not married and I hear you say that, just know I'm probably laughing at you internally. Oh, also, I believe if a marriage is boring, they didn't marry the right person for them, or they're just not doing marriage correctly.


Most people mean "other guys" when they say "opportunities." So what? Oh, poor me, I'm not going to spend more time getting my feelings hurt and get my heart broken over and over again by guys that don't really care about me. If missing opportunities means having a man that cares about me, one that's willing to stick by my crazy, difficult side, one that loves me unconditionally, then, by all means, I will miss every single opportunity the world has to offer. I'm going to be having adventures with the man of my dreams instead of not wanting to talk about a cool date or memory because I don't want to think about whatever random guy I was dating at the time. HOW ABSOLUTELY TRAGIC.


In closing, after this super long rant, I just want to say that I'm grateful to have found that one special person that I love, with whom I'll go through this journey we call life. So what if I'm young? It means I get extra time with him. That makes me happy. Whatever people say may tick me off a little (or a lot, if I'm being honest) but they're not going to change my mind. Ultimately, it's my life, not theirs. They can think whatever they want and be grumpy about it while I'll be over here just enjoying my life.

I love Brandon and I still can't believe that I'm the one who got lucky enough to find him, fall in love with him, and be loved by him in return.

"We're all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness- and call it love- true love." ~ Robert Fulghum

Monday, May 4, 2015

NEWS FLASH: Relationships Are Not Nicholas Sparks' Books.

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As I'm sure you've probably heard me say before, "relationship goals" should not be a thing. No, I'm not saying not to have goals in your relationship. That's definitely a must. What I AM saying is: these pictures of some random couple or random date or a text message or whatever that are circulating with the caption "relationship goals" usually with some form of a heart-eyed emoji, should not be a thing.

All kinds people are basing how good or bad their relationships are on things like these.

Like, "omg #relationshipgoals" with a text message saying, "Hey, babe, what do you want from Starbucks? I'll be there in 20 minutes with it." Um, first off, believe it or not, Starbucks is not equal to love, no matter how good the drink may be.

Let me go off topic for a second and tell you about a great drink you should try if you do happen to be a Starbucks fan.
  • 1 vanilla bean frappuccino. (size of your choice, obviously, but I'll go with a tall. adjust pumps of flavor for size as necessary.)
  • 1 pump of toffee flavor
  • 1 pump of caramel
  • whipped cream
  • caramel drizzle if you're feeling that.
It tastes like Harry Potter butterbeer. YOU'RE WELCOME.

Okay, back to this post. 

Or these people who post pictures of other couples with #relationshipgoals or "they're so perf. Let me be them."
Repeat after me.
A little louder for the people in the back? Sure.

Let me explain why we cannot and should not do this. Every relationship is different. Every single one. My relationship with Brandon is going to be different than your relationship with your significant other in infinite ways. Our inside jokes are different. What type of dates we like to go on might be different.  The ways we say I love you are different. The ways we interact with each other are extremely different. A text from him saying, "Hey, want to hang out in the laundry room while I do my laundry after you get off work?" might mean a lot more to me than it ever would to you. You can't judge your relationship on someone else's. It's not healthy. You need to appreciate and improve on what you have, not think that your relationship isn't up to par because some girl's boyfriend got her a cute pair of shoes or concert tickets and you're thinking, "ugh, I wish my boyfriend did that for me," when maybe, just maybe, your boyfriend is trying to save up money to get something he knows will mean more to you than a new necklace or something. 

So, yeah, as much as we'd like to think Nicholas Sparks is going to write the script to our lives and come up with some fantastic love story, it's not ever going to happen. You're not going to be in a perfect relationship.You're most likely not going to end up making out with Ryan Gosling in that rain. Sorry, I guess? Love isn't always going to be rainbows and butterflies. Here's why.

  • You'll argue and fight. That's inevitable. No relationship is infallible. 
  • One of you will say something that offends the other, and it usually happens because something is misinterpreted. We're humans. We make mistakes.
  • Sometimes, they won't text you back and it's not because they hate you. They really are probably busy.
  • Sometimes, they might want a night with their friends. Again, it's not because they hate you. You're just not the only person in their life.
  • To be honest, they probably won't have a pouring-rain-make-out-session with you. It's cold and miserable, and your mascara isn't going to remain perfect like the girl in the movie. Trust me. Not as great as it seems.
  • You're not perfect. They're not perfect. You'll do things that will upset each other and you'll do things that won't. You just have to learn to balance it.

But, here's the thing. You have to understand that your significant other is trying. (Obviously, there are going to be relationships where they're not trying at all, and my advice to you if you find yourself in that situation, leave and find someone who cares enough for you to put the effort in. You deserve that.) Everyone shows effort in different ways. I don't show any effort the way my dad does, and my dad doesn't show it the way my mom does, and so on, so forth. So, please, stop judging the worth of your relationship on someone else's, I'm begging you. If I did that, my relationship would have ended before it even really began, and I wouldn't be happy with where I am in my relationship now. Yes, have relationship goals, but goals planning your future with your S.O., not goals of trying to make them act like some other person's significant other. That just causes unneeded strain and stress on a perfectly fine relationship. Love them for who they are, and they'll love you for you, and if they don't, find someone who will. I said before that you're not going to be in a perfect relationship, but you can make it the perfect relationship for you and the person you love. Not anyone else.

Last little thought.
I'm not going to completely discount #relationshipgoals. If you see a way of acting that you want, go find someone who's already like that. Don't try to change someone into something they're not.

"Love isn't a state of perfect caring. It is an active noun like 'struggle.' To love someone is to strive to accept that person exactly the way he or she is, right here and now."
- Fred Rogers

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Just Be A Decent Human Being, Please.

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Okay, so something happened yesterday, and I'm here to rant about it and say that it's not okay at all.

Yesterday morning, I went to the Subway right outside my barracks because I figured I'd get a sandwich for Brandon and I so we could start the day off with some food since we had a lot of walking to do, right? So, there was this lady and her husband in line behind me. The husband was a perfectly nice gentleman for the most part. Pretty quiet and polite. But the wife... Oh man, she was something else entirely.

You see, the people who work at the subways here on base seem to be from other countries. They're not fluent in English, they have thick accents, and sometimes they just don't understand what you're saying. There's been many instances where I've had to politely say, "Oh, sorry, not tomatoes. I meant mayo," or something of the sort. Sometimes it's a little aggravating if I'm in a rush to get back to work or something like that, but I understand that they're trying their best, so I never get angry with them. 

Now, back to the lady behind me in line. All she did was ask for a breakfast sandwich on flatbread. She didn't give them any further instructions after that. So, one of the guys just had to kind of go for it and hope he got it right. He went to put some bacon on the sandwich, which is perfectly a logical assumption, because most breakfast sandwiches have bacon. Lo and behold, this lady instantly gets angry and says, "Bacon? Really? I didn't say to put bacon on there. Who said (expletive) bacon?" Like, WHOA, slow down there. That was absolutely NOT necessary at all. He made an honest mistake. 

Now the sandwich gets to the second guy who had an even thicker accent than the one before, and he asks if she'd like her sandwich toasted. She proceeds to say yes, and not give any instructions yet again. Taking her silence as a cue, the man turned around to put her sandwich in the little oven and she proceeds to say, "I didn't say you could toast it yet. Put some onions and green peppers on it first." So, the poor guy sheepishly put the ingredients on her sandwich and then looked up at her, waiting for further instructions, because she's acting like she's the almighty queen of Subway. Then she notices him waiting and rolls her eyes and says, "Go. You can put the freaking sandwich in the oven now," then lets out the most obnoxious sigh I've probably ever heard in my life. Like, more dramatics than a freaking soap opera type sigh. 

This whole time, the husband is just standing there with a sad look on his face trying to silently say sorry to the poor Subway workers who are having to deal with his wife, but also trying to make it so his wife didn't see, because, if she did, she'd probably turn on him. So, there I am, still patiently waiting to pay for my finished sandwich because this woman is demanding all the attention of all the workers. So, when one of the two guys working finally gets over to me, I pay for my sandwich and decide to loudly tell them that they did a great job on my sandwich, and I decided to be a decent person and give each of them ten dollars as a tip, and I told them that I hope they have a good rest of the day. I still feel like what I said and what I gave wasn't enough to cover how horribly they were getting treated by that woman. I saw how grateful these two men were after I complimented them on their work because heaven knows they needed it right at that moment. Boy, let me tell you, the look I got from that woman was not a pretty one at all. If looks could kill, I would have died, been resurrected, and gotten killed again. Just saying. But it was worth it because it's the Subway worker's job to just take instructions from customers, not stand up to them, so I did it myself.

I don't know if it's because I've worked at a customer-oriented fast food job before, and I know exactly how it feels to have a disrespectful customer, or if it's because I'm in the military and got the concept of respect towards everyone literally beaten into me during boot camp, but there is absolutely no reason to treat anyone like that. I don't care who you are, what you do for a living, or how bad your day has already been. Just put in a little effort to be a decent human being. It really isn't that hard. It takes patience, yes, and believe me, I am not a patient person, but I can fake it enough to not cause problems. It takes holding your tongue a bit, and I'm also not good at that, still to this day. But I try to be a decent person. Like, smiling at someone on the street who looks a little down, or giving up a seat on the bus to someone who looks extremely tired or disheveled. You can forget about your problems in your life for a few minutes to try to make someone's day better. It's honestly just the little things that can make a huge difference in people's lives.

So, long story short, (I say that after the long story for obvious reasons) just try to be a decent human being. We're all going through troubles, some bigger or smaller than others, which is exactly why we need to take it upon ourselves to try to lighten someone's burdens, even if just for a moment, not make things worse for them in any fashion.

And, mystery lady at Subway, if somehow you read this, as much as I used you as an example of what not to do in this post, I hope you have a good day and something makes you happy enough to laugh, because everyone deserves to be happy.

Lastly, I guess I'll leave you guys with a quote:

"The most important thing is that you be a good person and you live by the golden rule of do unto others. If you live by that, that's all I care about." - Rob Reiner

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Why I Could Never Willingly Be A Celebrity

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So, I guess Angelina Jolie got her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed today as a preventative measure against cancer that her family is very prone to. She put the message out to raise awareness about the gene and cancer to other women who may be going through what she is going through. There's nothing wrong with that, correct? Correct. Yet, news stations all over the country are asking people what they think of her decision.

No. Just stop right there, media. What does it matter what the public thinks about her decision to improve her health? Oh, wait. It doesn't. Like, oh my goodness, excuse her for trying to make sure she doesn't contract the same cancer that she lost her grandmother, mother, and aunt to. How dare she, right? Someone even commented that maybe she should have her brain removed as well, y'know, "just in case." Or they said she did it for attention, to stay in the limelight. Since when is getting body parts removed strictly for health reasons a cry for attention? Just saying.

Okay. Rant over. Kind of.

But, that is one of many examples of why I could never be a celebrity. I wouldn't be able to handle a whole country freaking out about what I'm doing with my body, or even what I decided to wear to walk down the block to go get coffee like a normal person. Like, the time the media freaked out about the time that Taylor Swift was wearing a black bra with a black outfit and you could see some of the bra in the back. News flash: women wear bras. Another news flash: Sometimes you can see parts of said bras in certain outfits. If I did that with my insignificant little non-famous life, I wouldn't make the news for that, so why does it matter if some other woman does it? The article literally says, "While this look wouldn’t be edgy on say, Miley Cyrus, it IS one of the only times we’ve ever seen Taylor display her bra in public." Uhm, what? Wearing a dress that accidentally shows a bra does not constitute "edgy" or an attempt to "look sexy." It's seriously just the outfit. She's not a peacock displaying her feathers or something like that. Honestly. It makes me mad. The great part is that celebrities hate being judged for stuff such as that just as much as I hate hearing about it. So, I've got that going for me. 

Anyway, I say good for celebrities, (especially female celebrities) that handle being in the spotlight all the time, never having peace, so on, so forth. Good for you, sir or ma'am. I could never do that without freaking out on some tabloid show while getting interviewed and making things even worse for myself. So, I applaud all of them for that.

Plus, the only thing we should be talking about is how PERFECT Angelina Jolie's cheekbones are. I mean, look at them. Tell me you wouldn't kill for those cheekbones, I dare you.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Allie's Guide To Being Impatient

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With a little under two weeks left in this boring little town I like to call Pensacola, Florida, I've been getting extremely antsy to leave. Every day, I just get more and more impatient with the wait to get to my next duty station in North Island, California. I basically feel like Leonardo DiCaprio right now.

Without further adieu, here are my steps for being impatient:

  • Play Skyrim. Play A LOT of Skyrim.
    • Because what better to do than propel myself into a world that doesn't have a city named Pensacola? Right? Right. Plus, my dark elf is pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

  • Draw ram skulls.
    • I mean, why not?

  • Take an obscene amount of selfies.
    • Nothing's wrong with that. Totally. There are never too many selfies. (Shhh. I know there's such a thing as too many selfies, but I tell myself otherwise to make myself feel better about it.)

  • Hang out with your amazing boyfriend and awesome best friend basically all the time.
    • That actually has nothing at all to do with being impatient. I just wanted to throw an appreciation sentence out for them. Brandon and Ashley rock and, honestly, I'm jealous of myself for having people as fantastic as them in my life. *assumes radio talk show host voice* I'm also pleased to announce that Brandon is getting stationed in North Island, CA, as well as myself. (Also, McCarron, you deserve a shout out because your sass basically makes my life 10,000,000,000x better.) (Again, time for another shout out, this time to Kevin, the one on the right in the first picture, for coming all the way down to Pensacola to come hang out with me, You're the real MVP.) On another note, I'm smiling a bit like a creep in my picture with Ashely, so don't mind my face.

  • Basically complain all the time about still having twelve days left until graduation.
    • I'm sure some people are totally sick of hearing that from me and my classmates, but, hey, they'll be excited as well when they're this close to graduation and hitting the ever-so-mythical fleet.

So, in all honesty, this is probably not the best guide to being impatient. It just works for me being that I am the queen of being impatient. That's why I'm so anxious to get out of here. But, to my classmates in AE, I love you guys and I'll miss all of you when we all go our separate ways, but you'll all do great things out there. That is all. Carry on.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Why I'm Going To Stop Saying "I Wish..."

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Today, I had to stand a six-hour service entrance watch (This watch is nicknamed the 'suicide watch' because it's so lonely and boring, which, believe me, it is.) and I was being a little rapscallion and reading a non-military related book, which we're totally not really supposed to do, when I came across this quote by my hero,  Carl Sagan:

"At the heart of some pseudoscience is the idea that wishing makes it so. How satisfying it would be, as in folklore and children's stories, to fulfill our heart's desires just by wishing. How seductive this notion is, especially compared with the hard work and good luck usually required to achieve our hopes. The enchanted fish or the genie from the lamp will grant us three wishes - anything we want except more wishes. Who has not pondered - just to be on the safe side, just in case we ever come upon and accidentally rub an old, squat brass oil lamp - what to ask for?"

That got me thinking just a little bit, because, believe it when I say, I had hours to myself to just think today. So, I made a tiny list of questions and then proceeded to answer them myself, because why not, right?

  • Why do we wish for things so much, even things we have no control over? 
    • Wishful comments like, "I wish it was warmer outside," or "I wish he or she would just text me first already." It's not like some ultimate force is going to hear that and say, "Oh, Allie wants it to be warmer outside right now. Let me just adjust the temperature in Pensacola," or "Looks like I better overpower Joe Schmoe's fine motor skills and text this person for them." I understand that it's comforting, but, in all honesty, it'll get you nowhere fast.
  • Why in the world do we think wishing holds so much power in the first place?
    • Okay, first off, we all know that I'm not a Disney fan or a fan of fairy tales in general, (unless they're the original, gory Grimm Brother's fairy tales, but that's different story altogether) but I feel as if happy-go-lucky stories like those are what have brought us to the "I wish" lifestyle. Most young adults around my age grew up with the whole Disney-esque idea that if you wish for something hard enough, you'll get it. (By the way, I'm totally not talking about Princess and the Frog because Tiana practically works herself to death to get to her goal.) But ultimately, most characters get everything they ever hoped for by just waiting for things to fall into place. That's no way to live. Which brings me to my next question:
  • Instead of wishing, shouldn't we be going out and achieving?
    • YES. A MILLION TIMES, YES. Sitting around and saying "I wish for *insert wish here*," go out and work for it. That's how things get done. Not wallowing around in self-pity. Let's use the story of picking my orders for my next command as an example. I chose my orders to go to North Island, California, to work on MH-60s for the next four or so years. I'm one hundred percent content with where I'm going to be. See, I'll admit that I said, "I wish I get good orders," to myself, but the moral of this little story is that I worked hard in class to get a good enough ranking to be within the first five people to choose their orders. My reasoning for saying "I wish I get good orders," isn't because I wanted to skate by and hope for the best. I said it because there was a premade list to pick from and we had no clue what orders were going to be available on said list. But, hey, I managed to end up getting orders to the same place as my boyfriend and one of my good friends, so my work definitely paid off. 
Mind you, when I say "go out and achieve," I'm not talking about saying things like "I wish I get _____ for my birthday," or anything like that. I'm talking about things you have control over, such as "I wish I had a good job," or "I wish I was a better writer." Obviously, you might not get it the first time, and that's absolutely okay. But, by no means, should you just accept defeat and sit around and wish for these things. I suppose what I'm trying to say is:

Go out and work for it. 
Who knows? 
Maybe your "wish" might just come true.

Sorry, Genie.

To my friends who are reading this, if you hear me say, "I wish" about anything I can personally change, feel free to punch me in the throat. Okay? Okay. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, Not-So-New-Me.

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really hate the phrase "New year, new me," that seems to be in everybody and their dog's vocabulary on New Years. I truly despise it.

I have a reason to hate it, I promise. (If you're one of my close friends, I apologize, because you've probably already heard this mini rant a million times before, soooo, my bad.) I think New Years and New Years resolutions are just plain dumb. I don't understand why people wait around for the new year to change (More like attempt to change. I mean, who, besides a few highly motivated people, actually holds true to their resolutions?) a bunch of characteristics about themselves. If you see a change that you need to make in yourself, just work on changing it, regardless of the time of year. It's not as if the stars are aligning specifically on January 1st to give you a chance to change or anything spectacular like that. Just saying.

So, you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to list off a few things about yours truly that are probably never going to change.
  • My love for cats, aviation, or Supernatural, or Marvel, or basically anything else I've been obsessed with my whole life.
  • The fact that I have to use a TON of willpower to suppress myself from rolling my eyes towards anyone who says, "Utah? Where's Utah?" or "So, aren't there a lot of those... *lowers tone to a whisper* Mormons... out there?" whenever people ask me where I'm from.
  • The fact that I've turned into the female version of my father.
See what I mean?
  • My love for gigantic jawbreakers.
  • I will eat ice cream no matter how cold it happens to be outside.
  • I almost always have something sarcastic to say.
  • If I have a choice, a night staying in and watching Netflix with a good friend or even alone will always beat going out with a group of people. Always.
  • The Harry Potter books and movies are my lifeblood.
  • Painting is one of my favorite things to do, even though I never have time or the supplies to paint anymore. (I'll get back into it at some point, I promise.)
  • If you're reading this, I think you're rad. Like, really rad.
Also, everyone always talks about how much the previous year sucked, and how much they hope the upcoming year won't suck. Yes, I've seen a whole bunch of people mention that already. It's annoying. I'm going to go against the grain again and talk about why 2014 did not suck. I mean, sure, there were some really crappy parts, because every long amount of time has crappy parts, but overall, it was a good year, and I'm proud of it.

  • I got myself out of living in Utah like I promised myself I would.
  • I met my fantastic boyfriend. That's something to celebrate.
  • Bucky came into my family's life and he's such an adorable cat, even though he's a troublemaker.
  • I've met some really awesome people, including some of my best friends, through the Navy and I'm extremely grateful for that.
  • Speaking of the Navy, I survived boot camp with no harm, minus a small hip injury, but nothing I couldn't handle.
  • I finally got to go to a Blue Angels show AND the Naval Aviation Museum, all within a few weeks, FANTASTIC. *insert heart eyes emoji here*
  • I got to see Train, The Wallflowers, The Script, and OneRepublic (I'm fainting again even thinking about these) in concerts over the summer, so that was glorious.
  • I graduated high school which is great because that means I never have to go back to that small slice of the underworld ever again.
  • I finally felt an earthquake. That was pretty rad.
  • I had a gorgeous prom dress for my first and last prom.
  • I got to touch an SR-71 at the Hill Aerospace Museum even though I totally wasn't supposed to.
  • I discovered that I'm pretty much obsessed with Buffalo Wild Wings, so, if you're ever in need of Bdubs, hit me up, and there's a 99 percent chance that I'll go with you.


Hey, if you're one of those people who always say things like, "I hope *insert year here* is going to treat me well," I  have some things to tell you. First off, it's a year. A concept of time. It is not a person. A concept can't treat you well. Second, if you're worried about it being a bad year, go out and make it a good year. Don't expect the universe or higher force to make it good for you. It's your new year, so own it. Go make friends. Have some fun adventures, even if that adventure happens to be getting ice cream at midnight or something. Watch stupid movies with good friends. Read some good books. If you need to cry, by all means, cry. But then go watch funny cat videos and get back up and hit the ground running. (P.S. If you need suggestions for good cat videos, hit me up. I am the cat video guru.) Take more pictures. Laugh more.  Do stuff like that. Have a fantastic time.

Let me reiterate.
Don't sit around and hope for a good year. 

I guess all I'm meaning to say is:

P.S. It's totally lame, but I drew that on my iPad at like 0030 in the morning when I was really tired, so I'm kinda proud of that.