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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Why I Could Never Willingly Be A Celebrity

2:35 PM Posted by Allie Wood No comments
So, I guess Angelina Jolie got her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed today as a preventative measure against cancer that her family is very prone to. She put the message out to raise awareness about the gene and cancer to other women who may be going through what she is going through. There's nothing wrong with that, correct? Correct. Yet, news stations all over the country are asking people what they think of her decision.

No. Just stop right there, media. What does it matter what the public thinks about her decision to improve her health? Oh, wait. It doesn't. Like, oh my goodness, excuse her for trying to make sure she doesn't contract the same cancer that she lost her grandmother, mother, and aunt to. How dare she, right? Someone even commented that maybe she should have her brain removed as well, y'know, "just in case." Or they said she did it for attention, to stay in the limelight. Since when is getting body parts removed strictly for health reasons a cry for attention? Just saying.

Okay. Rant over. Kind of.

But, that is one of many examples of why I could never be a celebrity. I wouldn't be able to handle a whole country freaking out about what I'm doing with my body, or even what I decided to wear to walk down the block to go get coffee like a normal person. Like, the time the media freaked out about the time that Taylor Swift was wearing a black bra with a black outfit and you could see some of the bra in the back. News flash: women wear bras. Another news flash: Sometimes you can see parts of said bras in certain outfits. If I did that with my insignificant little non-famous life, I wouldn't make the news for that, so why does it matter if some other woman does it? The article literally says, "While this look wouldn’t be edgy on say, Miley Cyrus, it IS one of the only times we’ve ever seen Taylor display her bra in public." Uhm, what? Wearing a dress that accidentally shows a bra does not constitute "edgy" or an attempt to "look sexy." It's seriously just the outfit. She's not a peacock displaying her feathers or something like that. Honestly. It makes me mad. The great part is that celebrities hate being judged for stuff such as that just as much as I hate hearing about it. So, I've got that going for me. 

Anyway, I say good for celebrities, (especially female celebrities) that handle being in the spotlight all the time, never having peace, so on, so forth. Good for you, sir or ma'am. I could never do that without freaking out on some tabloid show while getting interviewed and making things even worse for myself. So, I applaud all of them for that.

Plus, the only thing we should be talking about is how PERFECT Angelina Jolie's cheekbones are. I mean, look at them. Tell me you wouldn't kill for those cheekbones, I dare you.