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Saturday, January 9, 2016

A Thank You To My Ex's.

5:10 PM Posted by Allie Wood , , No comments
Lately, I've seen a lot of post and pictures about hating your ex-whatevers, ragging on them, wanting to enact some sort of revenge, etc. It kind of bugs me. So, I'm here to say "thank you" to all of mine.

Thank you for showing me the type of behavior I didn't want in a relationship.

Thank you for allowing myself to learn than I'm worth more than ignored text messages and missed calls.

Thank you for calling me rude names so I could learn that I was NOT what you called me.

Thank you for bringing me down so I could teach myself to have the self-confidence I needed to get back from that.

Thank you for trying to convince me to not follow my goals so I could get the drive I need to succeed in the eyes of people who want me to fail.

Thank you for criticizing my body and mind so I had the chance to work on loving myself instead of needing your approval.

Thank you for teaching me that selfishness is not a good attribute in someone.

Thank you for letting me see that someone who silences me when I talk about my aspirations or give my opinion is not someone I needed in my life.

Thank you for showing me that I needed to be in a relationship with someone that treated me as their equal, instead of an inferior person.

Thank you for letting me teach myself that I was better than having to be scared that you wouldn't think I'm pretty anymore if I didn't wear makeup or put on a super cute complicated outfit.

Thank you for showing me that it was your fault you cheated on me, not mine.

Thank you for teaching me that I should be in a loving relationship where I'm acting as your other half, not acting like your mother.

Thank you for being horrible to me so I knew what being treated correctly felt like when I finally found it.

Thank you for getting angry with me when I said I wouldn't have sex with you because it let me figure out I need to be respected as a person in a relationship and shouldn't be treated as a toy and that I wasn't there for your own pleasure.

Thank you for trying to tell me what I was and was not allowed to do so I could see what an emotionally abusive  relationship looked like.

Thank you for teaching me that relationships I had to keep secret were not the type of relationships I should be in. 

Thank you for threatening me with breaking up or talking to someone else so I learned I was above that kind of treatment. 

Thank you for ignoring me every chance you had so I taught myself to know better than to let myself get dragged around by someone who didn't need me at all.

And finally, thank you for letting me go so I can be where I am now.