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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Allie's Guide To Why You Should Vote

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Okay, this post isn't going to be me telling you who to vote for. Most of you already know who I'm voting for, and most of you already know who you're voting for. You already know who I don't like and why. But, telling you WHO to vote for is not what this is about. Telling you WHY to vote is.

As you know, this year, good ol' 2016, is an election year. We get to figure out who's going to run this fantastic and lovely (I'm being sarcastic, kind of) country of ours. That's pretty cool, in my opinion. So, here are my reasons as to why we should all be voting this time around.

  • You are an adult.
Everyone was so ready to "grow up" and be an adult. Yeah, that means stuff like bills, responsibilities, THE ABILITY TO VOTE. IF you wanted to be an adult so bad, take advantage of the fact that you are an adult who can do that. Come on. Prove that you can adult and do adult things because why wouldn't you?

  • It is your RIGHT to vote.
Come on, people. That is a BIG deal. We don't live in a country where it's the same family running the country for years and years on end. (Disregard the Bush eras for this argument, but at least that wasn't a monarchy. Honestly, there are people all over the world that would give everything if it meant they could actually pick their next leader instead of it being a "next in line" for a dictatorship or ruling. We get to pick (for the most part. The electoral college is still outdated and actually ridiculous, but that is beside the point right now.) The founding fathers thought ahead for the people of this country to let them choose their leaders. Your right to vote is a not a new occurrence. It's been around for a very long time. I'm going to sound like a broken record, but TAKE ADVANTAGE of this. Feel lucky that you don't have to know about the experience and fear of not being able to have a semblance say in who leads your country. Also, I refuse to listen to people whine and moan about who's running the country if they just straight up didn't vote for anyone. You don't get to whine about something you chose to do absolutely nothing about.

  • Your vote actually DOES matter, even though you've been taught that it doesn't.
"I'm not going to vote because my vote doesn't matter." I hear this so often that I just want to scream. You think it doesn't matter because you've been taught that it doesn't matter by people who are bitter that the person they voted for at one time in one election didn't get the presidency. You've been taught that by the media, by your parents, friends, coworkers, some random dude walking down the street complaining about how this country is going to hell, practically anyone. People will also tell you that to discourage you from voting so that their chosen candidate gets a better chance. But, when it comes down to it, your vote can be the one vote that gets a candidate to win a certain area. I actually have an example from this week, actually. 

What does that picture say? Senator Sanders won that area by literally one vote. ONE vote. Your candidate could win an area to help them further their stance with the help of YOUR vote. You just have to vote. Don't think that you can't be that one person. If you support someone, go show it. Vote for them because it does matter.

  • You can literally get time off of work/school to go vote.
They make it so easy. If you notify your employer/instructors beforehand, (at least give them a couple days notice so they can figure out manning) they can give you three hours off strictly for you vote. Because, again, as I mentioned before, it's your right as a citizen of the grand ol' United States of America. Also, most polls are open from early in the morning to around 7-8 PM. That's plenty of time to go vote. Plenty. Go and grab some food and coffee or just whatever as a treat after you vote. Most polling places are going to be near your home and work. They do that on purpose. So you can vote and not have to go completely out of your way. They're at local schools, offices, a bunch of places. Some states are even doing some elections online. So, some of you won't even have to get out of your bed. IT'S LITERALLY SO SIMPLE. COME ON, PEOPLE.

  • It's the future of your country that you hold so dear.
Really, why wouldn't you vote for who you think you be a good choice for the country? After all, it's your future. Your family's future. Your friend's future. Your friendly neighbor's future. You should be concerned with that fact. You should be willing to stand up and say, "Hey. This affects me. This affects everyone. I should put my voice out there." Again, most people will refuse to tolerate hearing you complain about any president we get if you didn't vote for anyone. 

  • You get a cool sticker.
Those "I Voted" stickers are like, my fave. They should be your fave, too. And guess how you can snag one up? You can *gasp* VOTE.

Now that that's said:
All in all, you really should just go vote. It's a good thing to do. You can register to vote, right here with this link, actually, if you haven't yet: Register To Vote. It's super easy and straight forward. It takes about five minutes. Seriously. Fun fact: If you're not sure what party you align with, or if you don't want to align with one, go independent and request the party ballots your chosen candidate is on. But, really, vote. Be a good citizen and take advantage of your given rights. Thank you and have a fantastic day!