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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Why Pokemon Go Is A Great Thing.

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Okay, wow, I haven't done a blog post for a quite a while. I'm totally slacking. But, I guess this was important enough for me to hop back in the blog saddle for, so here we go.


This is not me telling you to play Pokemon Go or anything. I respect if you don't want to play or you don't like Pokemon. Trust me. There's things I don't like that I would never download and play. I get that. I'm just trying to get people to see that it's really not as bad and obnoxious as people are making it out to be.

Here are a lot of reasons I see that makes Pokemon Go a great thing for those of you who keep making fun of it or saying you're sick of it or you think it's stupid:

  • It's getting people outside.
    • I have heard "gamers," and just people who stay inside in general, get called lazy or irresponsible, or a multitude of many other names because they don't go outside. They get teased. "Oh, you're a gamer. What's it like living out of your mother's basement?" and other quotes like that.
    • HELLO, PEOPLE ARE GOING OUTSIDE. People are getting exercise because of this. Walking is healthy for you, and if people are walking to hatch Pokemon eggs, who are you to stop them? Honestly? Think about how rude you're being.
  • It's helping children that are on the Autism spectrum.
    • I've seen a handful of screenshots from mothers on Facebook saying thank you to Nintendo because it is helping their autistic children become more sociable and want to go outside. These mothers have cried tears of joy because they have seen their children happier than they have in a while. Click on this picture and read it and tell me that Pokemon is not helping.

  • People stuck in the four walls of a hospital can see a bit of joy at having one of their favorite Pokemon pop up right on their bed.
    • Come on, are you that heartless to think that Pokemon is a "plague for stupid people" as I've seen called? There are children AND adults in hospitals that have something exciting to do. They have something they can play that can let them interact with their world, even if they can't get out of their bed. They can see Pokemon in the otherwise drab hospital. Is that a bad thing? No? I didn't think so.
  • It's bringing communities together.
    • I've seen so any people making friends and talking to people they otherwise wouldn't' because of this game. Our country and our world are so divided right now that it is nice to have something that is bringing people from all walks of life together. People are making friends. People have something in common with someone sitting next to them on the bus. People with social anxiety who struggle to come up with a way to talk to people around them, that they so desperately want to talk to, have a conversation starter. People are giving others tips on how to play. They're pointing out places that have some cool Pokemon to each other. PEOPLE ARE BEING NICE. If you can't see that good in that, I guess I can't help you.
  • It's helping people with PTSD and other mental illnesses.
    • This goes back to the "getting people out of the house" thing. I saw a post from a veteran with almost crippling PTSD that causes it to be a huge struggle for him to get out of the house. Pokemon Go gave him a reason to want to get out of the house. It gave him a figurative crutch to be able to go outside. THAT IS A BIG DEAL. It's helping people constantly in bed with depression get out of bed and get some fresh air. It's giving people with bad anxiety (like me) something to focus their energy on. I haven't been so constantly worried about everything because I can focus on trying to catch a freaking Rapidash. It's quite helpful. Truly.
  • It's helping raise money for charities.
    • Many Pokemon Go players, myself included, have downloaded apps like "Woof Trax" to help raise money for charities. These apps translate the distance you walk into money donated to charities of your choice. I am currently raising money for a no-kill animal rescue in my immediate area, just by using my time playing Pokemon Go. 
  • Speaking of animal shelters...
    • I've seen multiple posts of Pokemon Go players going to local shelters and walking dogs in need of some attention. Many shelters don't have enough employees available to walk the dogs as often as dogs need to be walked. These players are taking the time out of their day and helping out shelters and animals in need for this game. When was the last time you walked shelter dogs? (If you've done that recently, and don't play, disregard that question, because it wasn't aimed at you.)

  • People are reliving their childhood.
    • Oh, wow, you don't play Pokemon because you're not ten years old and have responsibilities? You're soooo cool, I can't even handle it. News flash: I, myself, am an adult. I'm IN THE MILITARY. (Oh, look, a job with responsibilities.) I have pets to take care of. (More responsibilities.) I'm in college. (Even more responsibilities!) I'm writing a novel. (MORE RESPONSIBILITIES.) I am able to do all of this and still be a person who plays Pokemon Go. I love Pokemon. I always have. I played it when I was little. I played it on my phone through a Gameboy emulator. I've played it for years on my Nintendo DS and 3DS. This is fun for me. It makes me feel like a kid again, and heaven knows this world needs a little more happiness in it.

  • Businesses are making more money.
    • Whether a business is a PokeStop, a gym, or just giving out little discounts to Pokemon Go players, or simply just exsisting, they are making more money. Local businesses are thriving because more people are out on the streets and walking by. Walking makes people hungry, or thirsty. Oh, look, a shop right here where I'm walking! I was out catching Pokemon and hitting up PokeStops just yesterday and I ended up stopping at a little cafe I've never been to before simply because it was on my Pokemon hunting path, and this place was great. I probably wouldn't have ever tried it if I hadn't been out catching 'em all.

Oh, also, here's a word for some of the Pokemon Go players I have seen telling people they shouldn't be playing Pokemon Go because they didn't play the originals when they were younger:



Really, though. Do you not understand that some people's parents couldn't afford to get their children a gaming system? That perhaps they couldn't afford little things like Pokemon card packs? Not everyone was as lucky as you. Not everyone could play Pokemon non-stop like you or like me. I had the opportunity to be able to play Pokemon and get Pokemon cards my whole life and I'm very lucky for that. I had friends that wanted to play Pokemon but couldn't. I had friends that saved and saved their allowance to be able to buy themselves a Gameboy and a Pokemon game. You're not special because you had that opportunity as a child. Quit acting like you're above the people who didn't. Let them have this opportunity, because it is the first Pokemon game that's FREE and available to people. Let them feel that same jolt of joy you do whenever you catch a Pokemon. Stop trying to deny that to people. All these "like this post if you played Pokemon before Pokemon Go" are so stupid. "If you didn't play Pokemon on this *insert picture of Gameboy here*, then don't play it on this. *insert picture of phone.*" You're rude and your childish, and not in the good way of being "childish." It's obnoxious, really. So, if you could stop that, it would be pretty grand. Pokemon is helping people come together and you are hindering that by claiming you're "above" those who didn't get to play as a child. I hate to use this phrase when talking about Pokemon, but GROW UP.


On an end note, honestly, this is what you look like if you're trying to make people feel bad about liking Pokemon Go:

Have a great day, and be the very best, like no one ever was.


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