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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Why The Trump Tape Is Absolutely Disgusting.

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     Okay, as you guys probably know, I usually don't blog about anything like this. I like blogging about happy stuff or things that don't make me feel like throwing up, but I cannot stay silent about this. This blatant act of rape culture is too disgusting to NOT talk about this. As someone who knows so many people who have been sexually assaulted and have had their lives flipped upside down because of it, I cannot let this pass.

Also, before we continue, if hearing about sexual assault is not healthy for your mental health because of your past experiences, discretion in continuing is advised. 

Here's a list of reasons why what Trump said is absolutely not okay coming from anyone, let alone a presidential candidate:

  • "Grab her by the pu**y," is such a disgusting phrase. 
    • There are so many women around the world that get forcibly touched like this ALL THE TIME. That is not a laughing matter. One woman getting touched like that is one too many, yet, it happens all the time

  • "I need a tic tac just in case I start kissing her," or "I just start kissing them. I don't even ask."
    • Let's just blatantly talk about how you want to force her into physical contact that isn't welcome or wanted. That's sexual assault, and Trump and Billy were casually laughing about it. Also, in these comments, not only were you advocating an act of sexual assault, you were also advocating being an adulterer because you had just got married to your current wife a handful of months before this talk was recorded. Seriously? As a presidential candidate who tries to talk about Bill Clinton's affair and make it into a monster of a bad thing, Trump really seem to like the idea of cheating on his own wife.

  • "It was just locker room talk."
    • No. That is not locker room talk. I've heard locker room talk. I've heard guys talk about who they've had sex with or all these crazy stories about how they picked up a hot woman at a bar. I have NEVER overheard a guy say anything along those lines. Yes, I know there are people out there that DO talk like this, but to casually put that out there and try to make it seem that every male has talks like that with their buddies is disrespectful to the large group of men who actually have respect for women.

  • This is literal proof that our country is regressing in progress.
    • Yesterday, the same day that this video of Trump's hot mic talk came out, President Obama passed a bill that not only gives but GUARANTEES, rights to victims of sexual assault. President Obama has seen and realized that this country's rape culture is a problem. We have seen that in the limelight throughout this year, i.e. the Brock Turner case. President Obama stood up and said, (Not an exact quote coming next. Just my own personal summary,) "enough of rape victims being treated as if they're not human. Enough of evidence getting thrown out. Enough of making rape victims who already feel humiliated and violated PAY for a rape kit for a sexual encounter they NEVER asked for." That is more of the stuff that we need to battle the epidemic of sexual assault. We do not need a man in office that is literally laughing about sexual assault and acting like it's normal behavior. People are trying to vote this heinous man into office.

  • "These comments don't reflect who I am."
    • Um, excuse me. Yes, they actually do. That video was ten years ago. You were sixty years old ten years ago. SIXTY. And you were joking about sexual assault. That's common behavior for pre-teen and young teenagers who don't quite understand that concept of sexual assualt and definitely AREN'T saying the horrible phrases that came out of your mouth. You are, and were, at an age where that behavior should have never been acceptable. You are depraved. The fact that you found that behavior acceptable at the age of sixty is ridiculous.

  • Your public apology is absolute crap.
    • We all know you only apologized because the tape got leaked and you got caught. If that tape never got released, you would have never "apologized" for your terrible behavior. You honestly probably didn't even remember talking about it because you say that type of stuff all the time. You have no respect for women. Your apology means nothing. You are against women's rights. You talk about women like they're chattel. If you don't find a woman attractive, you attack her publicly. You've terrorize women you've worked with. You told a woman on your show that it would be a "pretty sight" to see her on her knees. You said your actions here were "wrong." All of your actions towards women are wrong, but this one especially. You're only apologizing because other big republican names are pulling their support and disinviting you to rally with them. YOU'RE UPSET THAT YOU GOT CAUGHT. Plain and simple. You're not sorry. Your constant actions towards the female gender say that you're not, and have never been sorry. You're angry that the RNC is holding an emergency meeting to try to see if they can get rid of you as their candidate this late in the running.

  • Trump is every male that thinks he has a right to someone else's body.
    • Billy Bush is every buddy that laughs at his friends when they talk about sexual conquests or mention wanting to force sexual contact on someone. This is behaivor that is still seen too often. People like you are why our society doesn't take sexual assault seriously. People like you are the problem.

  • Imagine for a moment if he was talking about your mother, sister, daughter, girlfriend, fiancee, wife, or any other woman in your life that you care about.
    • Would you want anyone looking at the women you love and saying, "You can do anything. Grab her by the pu**y." Hopefully, you would feel disgusted and angry and a bit nauseous that anyone would be advocated for themselves to sexually assault a woman because they find her attractive and think that the world owes them sex because they're "famous" or "just feel like it." 

Honestly, I could go on and on, but I feel so sick typing all of this out. I can't even find words to say just EXACTLY how grossed out and upset about this that I am, and that's saying a lot because I can usually find the right words to convey how I'm feeling. This post isn't advocating to vote for any other candidate, but I am advocating to not vote this piece of trash into office. Do not vote for the man in the picture below looking at a woman he talks to normally after he just had a conversation about how he wants to sexually assault her. Do not support someone like that.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.


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